When it comes to competitive players who want comfort, protection, and performance at a fair budget, the Bauer Vapor X2.7 Ice Hockey Skates are an outstanding alternative.

Because of the innovative boot structure and revised internal foam package, the step-in comfort and natural fit around the foot will be sure to amaze you right out of the box.

Bauer Vapor X2.5 Ice Hockey Skates Review

Bauer Vapor X2.7 Skates Review

Bauer employed a stiffer, more supportive 3D Polycarb boot for competitive play, which aids in boosting agility and power through each stride and overall performance.

The updated 40-ounce felt tongue, which contains plastic reinforcement, provides excellent protection for the top of the foot while being comfortable and flexible at the same time.

The X2.7 is equipped with the Tuuk Edge holder, which is the most popular holder in the NHL and makes turning out the runners a snap.

Key Features:

  • One-piece 3D Polycarb in a quarter package
  • Tongue Material and Construction: 40 oz. two-piece felt with inserted metatarsal protection.
  • This product provides protection for competitive hockey without compromising comfort or movement.
  • Form-fitting footbed: Extra thickness is added for added comfort.
  • With its unique trigger mechanism, which enables broken or damaged runners to be replaced in seconds, it has become the most popular holder across the NHL.
  • Compared to typical holders, the front and rear posts are 3mm higher, creating one of the most aggressive turning radiuses available on the market today.
  • Tuuk LightSpeed Edge S-Stainless Steel Runners are made of high-quality stainless steel.
  • The steel is of mid-grade quality and is quite durable at a 9-foot radius.
  • 819 grams is the weight of a size 8D skate.
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