The CCM Jetspeed FT680 ice hockey skates combine performance, comfort, and durability with cutting-edge technology and precise design to set them apart in ice hockey. In this detailed study, we’ll examine these skates’ materials, structure, and design components that make them so good on the ice.

CCM Jetspeed FT680 Ice Hockey Skates

CCM Jetspeed FT68 Skates

Material Mystery

The CCM Jetspeed FT680 is constructed on RFM (Rocketframe Composite Material), an innovative, lightweight yet strong material. This maximizes energy transmission with every step, providing skaters with an advantage during heated gaming.

Ankle And Comfort Padding

The CCM Jetspeed FT680 provides excellent ankle support for ice hockey skates. Advanced cushioning gives the skates exceptional ankle support and unparalleled comfort throughout lengthy usage. Avoid discomfort and enjoy a tight, secure fit that improves ice performance.

Holder Technology

The holder is frequently an unsung hero in ice hockey skates, and CCM has done its part. The Speedblade XS holder on the Jetspeed FT680 improves stability, agility, and performance. Skaters may confidently turn, stop, and navigate with this cutting-edge holding.

Inner-sole Innovation

Due to its HD microfiber inner sole, the CCM Jetspeed FT680 feels like a cloud. High-density microfiber offers comfort and moisture control, keeping your feet dry and cool even during the most intense game moments. The skate performs and pampers your feet.

Performance On Ice

The CCM Jetspeed FT680 excels on the ice, the ultimate test of an ice hockey skate. RFM structure, Speedblade XS holder, and HD microfibre inner sole work together to provide speed, agility, and responsiveness. These skates are reliable for sprints and accurate maneuvers.

Redefining Durability

Ice hockey is physically demanding, so equipment must be durable. CCM knows this, and the Jetspeed FT680 shows their durability. These skates are a good investment for serious players since the RFM material improves performance and makes them durable.

Good Appearance

Besides performance, the CCM Jetspeed FT680 looks good. These skates stand out with sleek lines, striking design, and the CCM logo. Show up on the rink with elegance and confidence.

Options For Customization

As each player is unique, CCM provides Jetspeed FT680 personalization. Players may customize their skates from size to fitting, maximizing comfort and performance.

User Feedback

The real test of a product is user feedback. The CCM Jetspeed FT680 has received rave reviews for its comfort, performance, and longevity. These skates transform ice performance for players of all ability levels.


The CCM Jetspeed FT680 is the pinnacle of ice hockey skate innovation and design. Everything from the Speedblade XS holder and HD microfiber inner sole to the sophisticated RFM material is carefully designed to provide an unmatched skating experience. Buying the CCM Jetspeed FT680 will help you reach your hockey potential, whether you’re a pro or an amateur.

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