Here we are going to do a review of the new True TF7 hockey skate. First, look at its True shift holder, which’s spring-loaded and easy to use when you use the included tool to pop the steel out. Speaking of the steel, this is their shift stainless steel, super high-grade quality with a nice polished finish that will hold an edge along and also give a hockey player some really amazing sharpening life.

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True TF7 Hockey Skate

True Shell Technology

In the boot itself, this is where we see something that really sets True apart from the competition. This features their True Shell Technology, which utilizes fiberglass with a thermoplastic.

Essentially, this one-piece co-molded boot provides superior wrap and fit compared to a traditional two-piece. It uses a fiberglass material, unlike the carbon fiber that we see in the True TF9 skates. A little bit heavier but this is really where they save costs and are able to offer so much performance at this price point.

But utilizing that thermoplastic on the inside layer, this truly wraps around your foot like nothing else before it so if you’ve never tried on a true skate, make sure you bake it your first time to really see what it’s like to have a custom-fit skate without paying the custom price tag.


Now, as we get into the tongue, this is another pretty cool feature here as well. It’s a traditionally built tongue with with nice black 7mm felt on it. They got injected foams down through the center, which has a lace bite guard on the top so all these combine to give you a really nice level of protection from puck slashes as well as lace bite.

In case your tongue breaks down over time, it’s replaceable and adjustable with a velcro insert at the bottom so whether you like your tongue to ride up a little bit to get a little extra nasty flop or if you want to lower it a little bit to decrease the internal volume, you have that option that is super easy to use and also very secure.

Tendon Guard

We can say the exact same thing about the injected tendon guard as about the tongue. It’s replaceable so if you break it, you don’t have to replace the entire skate. Just go ahead and pick up an aftermarket piece. This is fully injected so it gives you some really top-notch durability. Hopefully, you won’t replace it but if you have to, you can very easily.


The liner this is what they call their black wick nylon pretty dang traditional offers some really nice comfortable fit and feel. It’s going to do a good job of wicking away moisture so really nice pretty standard but we would say it’s upgraded compared to the competition.

It does include the anti-abrasion pads up at the top near the eyelets, especially for players who may want to try and squeeze their shin guard underneath the tongue. Generally speaking, this is where the most wear and tear usually happens on the liner so you know that with an investment like this, you want to make sure it lasts a long time.

Padded Foams

These have dual-layered foams all the way throughout, and we really like the overall thickness of them because step-in comfort is super important these days and that does a really good job of it but really works with that thermos plastic in that True Shell technology The foam and that outer quarter package are going to wrap up like nothing you’ve had before.

Personal Fit System

We have another adjustable feature that we think is pretty awesome as well. This is their PFS or personal fit system, footbed, which has really nice thick, layered foam. It’s ventilated to help generate a little bit of airflow and keep your feet a little cooler inside. That way, it keeps you locked into place.

Arch Support

It comes with adjustable inserts that go on your arch so right out of the box, it has a pretty standard that may be slightly low arch support but it comes with a medium and a high arch addition. You simply remove the 3m sidings, add them with that tape, and it gives you a really nice, easy adjustment for your arch type.

You can even stack them if you have a really tall arch; stack the medium and the large so no matter if you have that really high arch or a shallow arch, it’s going to provide that ultimate fit.


Overall, we have to say they did such a killer job with this True TF7 hockey skate. This year is really going to shape up the market a little bit, offering nearly elite-level performance at a lower mid-price point.

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