The Nexus 2N model from Bauer raises the standard for hockey skates again. These skates improve ice performance with cutting-edge features and materials. This detailed analysis examines the Bauer Nexus 2N skates’ essential features that make them game-changers for hockey fans.

Bauer Nexus 2N Skates Review

Bauer Nexus 2N Hockey Skates

Quarter Package

The quarter package underpins these skates. This precision-crafted 3-D-printed Curv® composite material offers unsurpassed stability and responsiveness. Players may make rapid maneuvers and sharp twists without sacrificing support because of the 3-D-lasting process’s glove-like fit.

Lining Material

In the heat of the game, these 2N skates excel in moisture control. The HYDRA MAX 2 liner effectively wicks moisture, keeping skaters’ feet dry and comfortable during the match. This feature extends performance and decreases discomfort.

Ankle Padding

Hockey skates must be comfortable, and Bauer knows this. Lightweight memory foam ankle cushioning makes the Nexus 2N skates tight and comfy. This feature improves skating and reduces blisters and pain during lengthy play.

Tongue Technology

Bauer’s 2N skates’ tongue shows their player’s safety dedication. The high-density reinforced metatarsal guard on the FORM-FIT 2-piece 48-ounce felt tongue balances protection and flexibility. Knowing their feet are covered, players may play aggressively.

Footbed Innovation

Their footbed revolutionizes stability and ventilation. The stabilizing FORM-FIT+ footbed secures the foot in the skate. The ventilation function keeps intensive games cooler and more comfortable.

Thermoformable Advantage

Bauer knows the value of a custom fit. Players may customize these skates’ thermoformable tops to their foot shape. This boosts comfort and energy transmission, improving ice performance.

Outsole Engineering

Hockey requires agility, and the Bauer Nexus 2N skates’ outsole delivers. The lightweight composite outsole improves agility without sacrificing durability. Players can move quickly and accurately on the ice.

Holder & Runner Precision

These include precision-crafted holders and runners for excellent performance. The skate-ice connection is secure and responsive with the TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE holder. TUUK LS3 stainless steel (size 4–12) provides durability and sharp edges for mobility.

Size-Specific Excellence

Bauer uses TUUK LS2 stainless steel in the Nexus 2N skates in sizes 3-3.5 to emphasize size-specific engineering. This gives smaller players the same durability and performance as bigger ones.


Finally, these skates demonstrate the brand’s ingenuity and performance. From the 3-D-lasted Curv® composite quarter package to the TUUK LIGHTSPEED EDGE holder, every component is engineered to improve the player’s experience. They may improve your game, whether you’re a pro or an amateur.

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