When it comes to street hockey, a puck is required for each and every game. The designs, colors, and sizes are all available in a variety of options. While street hockey pucks are long-lasting, they may be quite harmful and can cause significant damage to your walls and other valuables in your house. Furthermore, they might be rather pricey. Here are some of the most popular models that we have included in our top 5 picks that are relatively compact, cheap, and come in single and bundle packs.

Best Street Hockey Pucks

Top Street Hockey Pucks Review

EAGLES Street Hockey PuckPlasticRed2See Price
A&R Sports Street PuckPVCBlack, Red1See Price
Franklin Sports Street PucksPVCGreen1See Price
Winnwell Street Hockey PuckPVCOrange1See Price
Silfrae Street PucksPlasticRed1 & 2See Price

1. EAGLES Street Hockey Puck

EAGLES Street Hockey Puck

This puck is constructed of high-quality plastic, making it very durable and capable of providing long-term performance. The product is excellent to use for street hockey games, everyday practice, and competitions around the United States and Canada. It is possible to shoot more precisely and execute rapid passes because of the dimples on the hockey puck, which create friction between the puck and the hockey stick. It’s suitable for both men and women to wear. Available in stunning red and sold in a two-piece set.

2. A&R Sports Street Hockey Puck

A&R Sports Street Puck

It’s an ideal accessory to get started in the game of street hockey with this puck. Made of robust PVC material, they have a six-button design and are very durable. Two colors are available in it: red and black. It comes in single-piece packaging, allowing you to play right out in the street. In addition to its long-lasting structure, this hockey puck is engineered to resist the power put on it by a hockey stick during a game.

3. Franklin Sports Glow In The Dark Puck

Franklin Sports Glow In The Dark Puck

This street hockey puck is the ideal tool for improving your abilities when it’s dark. As it is composed of a carefully managed PVC material, it may be used in shady areas without being harmed. Players will be able to see you better in the dark thanks to the unique surface that enables the puck to glow and boost visibility. With its textured surface, which minimizes friction and makes the puck easier to manage, this puck is suitable for use by both children and adults of all ages.

4. Winnwell Street Hockey Puck

Winnwell Hockey Puck

When it comes to street hockey, the Winnwell puck is one of the most widely used pucks available today. Any player can easily handle the molded plastic design, which has a great feel to it. This 75-mm variant is available for purchase in a 1-unit pack. Lightweight and simple to handle, this is a brilliant addition to your street hockey collection. It’s also available in an amazing orange color.

5. Silfrae Hockey Puck

Silfrae Street Hockey Puck

This puck is intended for use in both indoor and outdoor hockey games. It’s crafted using lightweight yet solid plastic; that’s why it’s sturdy and ideal for use on rough and tough surfaces. The puck incorporates small ball bearings that allow it to glide more freely. Aside from that, it boasts innovative designs that reduce bouncing. Buy one with confidence for yourself or as a gift for your loved ones who are into this sport because it comes with a 100% manufacturer money-back guarantee.

Choosing the Right Street Hockey Pucks

Following are some common features that you should consider before making your final decision to buy a street hockey puck.

  • It should be sturdy enough to withstand repeated usage over a long period of time.
  • The puck is composed of specially molded plastic and contains wheels on its bottom.
  • It’s not necessary, but it’s recommended that a puck have a ball-bearing design to help the puck glide through the air without bouncing or fluttering.
  • Make sure that the company backs the product, has a good reputation, and will offer customer support in case you experience problems with the puck.

How Are Street Hockey Pucks Made?

The process of making a street hockey puck is similar to that used in manufacturing regulation ice hockey pucks. Most of the time, vulcanized rubber and plastic are used in the construction of these pucks. The outer surfaces of pucks are treated with a special chemical that hardens them. The final product is molded into a ball or puck and then inserted into a plastic tube.

How Much Do Street Hockey Pucks Cost?

The cost might vary anywhere from $5 to $80, or even more, depending on the product and brand. Spend at least $10 for a high-quality street hockey puck if you want to play with a high-quality puck. It is also important to consider how long it’s going to be useful.

Final Words

There you have our review of each of the items, and we hope that you are now sure which street hockey puck will do the best for you. Whether you are a beginner or a professional player, we will advise you to go with a mid-range-priced puck that offers quite the same durability and performance as the expensive ones. If you still have any questions or suggestions about this mini street hockey accessory, let us know in the comment section below. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

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