If you want to play street hockey, you’ll need to invest in a decent pair of gloves. When playing this sport, these gloves are very necessary since they protect your hands from the impact of the pucks. It’s necessary to choose gloves that provide protection while being lightweight and comfortable.

Usually, the interior of the glove is lined with D/PE foam, which provides protection without sacrificing the glove’s feel. The tapered fit delivers a tight, comfortable fit that allows for maximum movement and comfort while still maintaining a slim profile.

Some versions have Pro FlexThumb technology, which allows you to hold more tightly while maintaining mobility in your wrists. Another essential characteristic is the use of polygiene as a lining material.

In this buying guide, we have put together the top six best street hockey gloves for junior and senior players. All of them are nicely constructed, compatible with hands, and well-priced.

Best Street Hockey Gloves

1. Mylec MK3 Street Hockey Gloves

Mylec MK3 Street Glove

These gloves are made of breathable, soft Nash material that wicks away sweat from the hands. The MK3 gloves are available in three different sizes: medium, large, and XXL. This ensures that every player gets the perfect fit. They are thin and compact, yet they do not sacrifice protection.

An attractive pair of these gloves will give a splash of color to any team’s uniform, and they will stand out from the crowd. Additionally, these gloves are comfortable to wear all day. They are great for street hockey or Dek hockey, as they don’t bulk up your hands.

2. Bauer S18 NSX Senior Hockey Gloves

Bauer S18 NSX Senior Street Hockey Gloves

A lot of excellent features are included in the Bauer S18 street hockey gloves to ensure that your hands are kept safe from hits when you are out playing hockey on the street. With an ultra-flexible thumb and a poly-mesh shell for lightweight comfort, this glove is a must-have. Additionally, they include an ergonomically constructed, locking thumb and cuff, which keeps your fingers from becoming sweaty and your wrists from being overheated.

Without your hands interfering, you’ll be able to maintain your focus on the game. They are equipped with an inbuilt thermo-regulating mechanism and are designed to resist repeated use and abuse. Furthermore, they are both lightweight and comfy, which makes them a fantastic choice for senior players.

3. Franklin Sports HG150 Youth Hockey Gloves

Franklin Sports HG150 Youth Hockey Gloves

The HG150 junior hockey gloves have an anatomical design as well as high-density SHOK-SHORB cushioning for added comfort. They have a comfortable leather palm and are very lightweight, thanks to the use of synthetic leather. Each pair is measured from the middle of the forearm up. Available in a variety of sizes, ranging from youth to adults.

These are among the most common styles of kids’ street hockey gloves available. Even though the cuff on these youth-sized hockey gloves is adjustable, you should be sure to measure your child’s wrist and arm circumferences before you purchase them.

4. CCM QuickLite QLT 170 Glove

CCM QuickLite QLT 170 Glove

The Quicklite QLT 170 offers professional-level protection. This innovative substance, known as Zote foam, improves the protection properties of the gloves by enhancing their flexibility. It’s both lightweight and composite, built for long-lasting performance.

The flex thumb is a two-piece design that provides additional protection. As a result of these characteristics, the CCM QLT170 gloves are an ideal option for the ball and outdoor street hockey.

5. Mylec Men’s Street Glove

Mylec Men's Street Hockey Gloves

Whether you’re playing street hockey or dek hockey, Mylec men’s gloves are made to last and are built to handle the fast-paced action of the sport. They offer a breathable and lightweight design that makes them suitable for high-octane games like street hockey. Designed to fulfill the demands of all players, whether they are beginners or seasoned pros.

The glove’s finger portions are very flexible, which makes it stand out from the crowd. The majority of gloves are latched at the finger section, which is a significant disadvantage for players with tiny hand sizes. It is also more comfortable for elderly players to use this sort of glove. Despite the fact that they are geared for older players, they are still a good choice for hockey players of all ages.

6. Bauer Pro Street Hockey Glove

Bauer Pro Street Hockey Gloves

Bauer’s Pro Street Gloves are the obvious progression from the performance level. With these gloves, you may get professional-level functionality at a more reasonable price. With a stronger Nash and increased flexibility in the thumb and fingers, they are more durable.

Their lightweight construction and breathable design keep your hands cool against moisture. You will also notice that they are really comfortable. These gloves are further built to resist rigorous usage, and they are lined with a comfortable synthetic leather inner that will not break or wear out quickly.

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