Sometimes, it’s hard to find a proper street hockey goalie pad that offers good safety for both players and the goalkeepers. Therefore, it’s necessary to buy one that fits snugly and protects your knees and ankles in those critical situations. The leg pads with multiple straps will allow you to adjust them to the proper height and prevent them from slipping out from the place. However, the best street hockey goalie pads are ultra-flexible and have a high level of protection.

Best Street Hockey Goalie Pads Review

Best Street Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Brand/ModelMaterialSize (Inches)ColorWeight (lbs)Price
Mylec Goalie PadPolyethylene22/27/32Black, White4.7See Price
Franklin SportsFoam, Synthetic23White3See Price
Bauer Goalie Leg PadsReinforced Nylon24/27/32Black/White4.4See Price
Winnwell GX-7Nylon21/24/27/31White3.7See Price
Mylec Ultra Lite 7000Foam, Plastic21/24/27/30/32Navy/Black/White6.1See Price
CCM Extreme Flex II 760 Nylon23/28/30/34White3.7See Price
Vaughn Goalie PadsFoam, Nylon27/31/34Red/White/Black4.6See Price

1. Mylec Street Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

Mylec Street Hockey Goalie Leg Pads

This goalie leg pad is a favorite among street hockey players around the world. The 4” foam padding and durable polyethylene cover make these goalie pads very durable and long-lasting. This set is available in Jr and Sr sizes and two nice colors (Black & White). It’s a particularly ideal choice for new street hockey goalies.

2. Franklin Sports Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Franklin Sports Street Hockey Leg Guards

A premium street hockey goalie set from Franklin Sports includes a goalie blocker and 23″ goalie leg pads. The thigh-rise and pre-curved knee of the pads are adjustable with fast-lock webbing straps. Extremely lightweight yet compact, and fully flexible pads. A combination of premium foam padding and sloid polyethylene covering gives protection against rough surfaces.

3. Bauer Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Bauer Street Hockey Goalie Pads

These are a great purchase for both novice and professional goalies. Made of reinforced nylon and foam padding, these goalie pads are comfortable to wear, especially since they can be adjusted for a perfect fit. The adjustable knee cradle is also an excellent feature. Also, these are some of the most durable goalie pads on the market.

4. Winnwell GX-7 Street Hockey Leg Pads

Winnwell GX-7 Leg Pads

The Winnwell GX-7 pads are made of lightweight foam and feature a microfiber cover for premium abrasion resistance. The deep leg channels and knee/side rolls are designed to help keep your opponents at bay. The velcro straps are easy to adjust and the buckles are quick to release. These goalie pads can be purchased online or at any sports shop around you.

5. Mylec Ultra Lite 7000 Street Hockey Goal Pad

Mylec Ultra Lite 7000 Goal Pad

These are designed for ultimate comfort and protection for your legs. Featuring a super tough outer material with rugged double stitching, super lightweight foam padding, and a deep contour leg channel. The pads also have a full calf protection panel and 4 adjustable nylon straps with snap-lock buckles for maximum comfort. The shinguard is removable and reversible, which makes them ideal for street hockey as well as ice hockey.

6. CCM Extreme Flex II 760 YA Goalie Leg Pads

CCM Extreme Flex II 760 YA Leg Pads

The CCM street hockey goaltender guards are the next step in the company’s evolution of goalie boots. Similar to the E-Flex Pro II, these pads are made with a unique layering of high and low-density foams. Each pad is laced together to maintain a structure, but with an improved foam layout. The resulting goalie pads provide superior torsional flexion and push when transitioning to and from the crease.

7. Vaughn Street Hockey Goalie Pads

Vaughn Street Hockey Goalie Pad

This hockey goalie pad is crafted using ultra-lightweight foam and is adjustable for a custom fit. There are four styles of goalie pads, one for youth, one for seniors, and one for women. All are available in a variety of colors and sizes. The Vaughn pads can be personalized with the help of the Vaughn gear customizer.

Street Hockey Goalie LegPads Size Chart

Street Hockey Goalie Leg Pads Sizing


We hope that you found our review on the best street hockey goalie leg pads useful to pick the right one for yourself. Keep in mind when choosing these pads that they are backed by impact-free high-density foam and most of them have an adjustable knee cradle system for tight fit and free movements. Since these aren’t designed for ice use, they are very basic. But you should consider buying from the top brands in the market as they offer relatively great quality products at competitive prices.

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