There are many well-known brands offering high-quality street hockey goalie masks at competitive prices. So you may fall into a situation where you can’t decide which mask will be perfectly suitable for you. In this buying guide, we have shortlisted the top 5 street hockey goalie helmets with cages after going through several online forums and customer feedback. The list includes options for professional and recreational players and kids as well.

Best Ice & Street Hockey Goalie Masks Helmets

1. Franklin Sports GFM1500 Street Hockey Goalie Mask

Franklin Sports GFM1500 Street Hockey Goalie Mask

The GFM1500 street hockey goalkeeper helmet is a great choice for the younger fans of the sport. Its high-impact plastic and welded steel cage make it easy to adjust and are comfortable to wear in the hot summer sun. Also, it can help a goalie make slapshots easier. And with its excellent ventilation and a high-impact plastic shell, this goalie mask is a must for every young street hockey player!

2. Winnwell Premium Street Hockey Goalie Mask

Winnwell Premium Street Hockey Goalie Mask

If you are a street hockey goalie, you will need a quality, lightweight goalie mask. A WINNWELL premium goalie mask is perfect for you. This mask is made of the same Tri Cat Cage material that is found in US military fighter jets. The liner is made of soft HD foam, which is comfortable and durable. You won’t find a more affordable goalie helmet, but it’s definitely worth it.

3. CCM AXIS A1.9 Hockey Goalie Mask

CCM AXIS A1.9 Hockey Mask

As a successor for the CCM L1.9 mask, the AXIS A1.9 mask has been introduced. As a result of advances in technology and materials, this type is more resistant to collisions. Carbon Fiber and Fiberglass reinforcements are used in the construction of the shell. Additionally, the straight flat bar shape provides the best visibility possible. It comes in both black and white options. You have the option of picking a color that best suits your taste.

4. Mylec Pro Street Hockey Goalie Mask

Mylec Pro Street Hockey Goalie Mask

This is a traditional goalie face mask. It has a wrap-around design, a back skull plate, and adjustable straps to fit the goalie’s head. The shell is made of high-impact molded plastic with ventilation for breathability. Its cage is chrome-plated and is available in white and black. If you’re looking for a great goalie mask, Mylec is a good brand to consider.


5. Bauer NME 3 DaveArt Goalie Mask

Bauer NME 3 DaveArt Goalie Mask

Junior and senior sizes of the Bauer NME 3 DaveArt design street hockey goaltender masks are available. They have a vibrant, eye-catching style. Warrior Ritual R/F1 Junior+ is the only goalie mask with a composite shell for juniors. In addition to being more protective than conventional goalie masks made of metal or leather, the composite shell of this mask may be adapted to fit smaller athletes.


Mostly goalie masks contain cushioning, buckles, and straps, making them ideal for street hockey goalies. It bears a striking resemblance to that worn in the opening sequence of Heat. An essential piece of defense equipment, out-of-control pucks, and racing sticks may inflict serious injury. Purchase the greatest goalie mask you can buy for your own protection.

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