Buying the best street hockey goalie chest protectors is very important, as they can guard the player’s body against the impacts of the ball. There are several different types of chest protectors on the market, and each one provides different levels of protection. Here are some recommendations to help you find the perfect one. Read on to find out more! After reading this guide, you will be well-equipped to purchase an affordable and durable set of street hockey goalie chest and arm protectors.

Best Street Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Selecting The Best Street Hockey Goalie Chest Protectors

Street hockey is quick and entertaining, but players need protective gear. Goalies require unique gear to protect them from strong shots and fast-paced action on the tarmac. The chest protection is essential for street hockey goalies. Choosing the finest street hockey goalkeeper chest armor may improve safety and performance. When buying chest guards, consider these factors:

Protective Level

The main purpose of a chest protector is protection. Go for a high-protection chest protector. It should absorb and scatter gunfire to avoid major injury. It should cover the chest, abdomen, shoulders, and collarbone.

Fit and Size

Goalies need good chest protection for safety and performance. Fit snugly, with cushioning near the body yet without impeding mobility. Check the manufacturer’s sizing chart for your body type. Try multiple brands and models to find the best fit.

Ability to Move

Goalies must be nimble and have a broad range of motion in addition to protection. Choose a chest protector that protects without restricting mobility, particularly while squatting, diving, or doing fast lateral motions. It should enable arm and upper-body movement.

Material and Durability

With continual contact against the rough playing surface, street hockey may damage equipment. Make sure the chest protection is composed of high-quality, robust materials for street hockey. Nylon or synthetic leather and reinforced stitching may extend the protector’s life.

Adjustable Straps and Closures

For fit and security, a chest protector should feature adjustable straps and fasteners. Find alternatives with many adjustment points to customize the fit for the best comfort and protection.


Lightweight chest protection improves movement and prevents tiredness during extended games. Choose a protector that protects you without bulking you up, letting you move freely.

Breathability and Ventilation

Street hockey may become hot and humid, so buy a chest protector with sufficient ventilation. Heat may be reduced using mesh panels and breathable materials.

Model and Brand Reputation

Street hockey goalies and the hockey community recommend certain chest protection brands and models. Reading reviews and asking experienced players for advice might help you decide.

Safety Standards Compliance

Make sure the chest protection fulfills hockey equipment safety requirements. Make sure your chest protection meets league and organization standards.


Prioritize safety and quality, but consider your budget. Find a chest protector that fits your budget and demands.

Extra Features

Chest protectors with strengthened sternum protection, replaceable padding, or neck guards are available. Consider what extra features suit your playstyle.

1. Bauer Senior Street Hockey Chest and Arm Protector

Bauer Senior Chest and Arm Pad

This is the perfect choice for aspiring street hockey players looking to protect themselves. The lightweight and breathable chest and arm protection is designed with the player in mind. Its full arm pads and breathable foam will keep the fighter comfortable even after hours of use. If you’re looking for a durable chest and arm guard, look no further than Bauer. This product is available online at Amazon and at select local sports stores.

2. Franklin Sports Adult Goalkeeper Chest Protector

Franklin Sports Hockey Goalie Chest Guard

A specially designed street hockey goalie chest guard features an excellent anatomical fit and an abdominal wrap for hassle-free movement. Its polyester mesh construction offers breathability and is only meant for use with the official 2 5/8″ street hockey ball. The breathable molded foam lining and adjustable straps provide an excellent fit. Moreover, the lightweight, padded, and durable fabric makes it an ideal goalie protection piece.

3. CCM 100 Junior Street Hockey Chest Guard

CCM 100 Street Hockey Chest Protector

When it comes to street hockey chest protectors, the CCM 100 Series is another wise choice. Its lightweight foam construction, flex lining, synthetic leather palm, and NHL(r) pro graphic are sure to keep you protected. It ships within 4-6 business days and has a 30-day return policy. While the E5.5 is a solid choice for new goalies, the YTFlex II is a great choice for the average hockey player.

4. Mylec MK3 Street Hockey Chest Pad

Mylec MK3 Street Hockey Chest Pad

This goalie chest guard from Mylec has a light, breathable design with reinforced floating shoulder pads and full arm pads. Also, it features a black nylon binding and an adjustable elastic strap with a buckle. This protective gear is appropriate for ages eight to twelve. This is available in black, white, or blue and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor play.

5. Vaughn Velocity V9 Youth Goalie Chest and Arm Pad

Vaughn Velocity V9 Youth Goalie Pad

Lastly, we have the new Vaughn Velocity V9 protector that’s a great addition to any young goalie’s gearbox. It boasts enhanced construction, a molded shoulder cap, and a mesh arm base to enhance ventilation and flexibility. The arm floaters are a deep cut and feature carbon inserts and a deeper side profile for added coverage.

Street Hockey Goaltender Chest Pad Size Chart

Goalie vests and chest guards for street hockey players of all ages and sizes are available in different sizes to provide a comfortable and safe fit. Summary of the street hockey goalkeeper chest protection sizing chart:

Youth Sizes:

  • Extra Small (XS): For 5-7-year-old athletes
  • Small (S): For 8–10-year-olds.
  • Medium: For 11–13-year-old goalies.

Junior Sizes:

  • Large (L): For 14–16-year-olds.
  • Size XL: For taller junior players.

Adult Sizes:

  • S/M: For smaller adult players or teens graduating to adult sizes.
  • L/XL: Fits most adult gamers.

Remember that brand and model sizes vary. Consider these suggestions to discover the right fit:

Measure Your Chest: Measure your chest below the armpits using a tape measure. Use this measurement to determine the proper size.

Contact the manufacturer: The chest protector’s manufacturer’s size chart should be checked. This provides accurate model measurements.

Consider Your Playing Style: Goalies who want a tight fit may select a size closer to their chest measurement, while those who like more movement and layering may choose a bigger size.

Before buying, check on the chest protection to make sure it’s comfortable and flexible.

Street hockey goalies need well-fitting chest protection for safety and performance. Refer to the manufacturer’s sizing chart, consider your age and playing style, and try on multiple sizes to get the right fit.

Final Words

Buy the finest street hockey goalie chest protectors for safety and comfort. For a tight fit, choose models with high-quality cushioning and adjustable straps. Street hockey can be hard on gear, so choose durable materials. Intense sports need ventilation to avoid overheating. Finally, choose the finest safeguard for your requirements by comparing pricing and reading reviews. Wear the correct chest protection to confidently safeguard your body while saving and enjoying the game.

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