Whether you play recreational hockey or play competitively, finding the best street hockey shin guards can help you protect your shins. The sport’s softer ground makes the puck incredibly fast, and you need to protect your shins from the hits that it takes. The best shin guards are lightweight and provide coverage over the entire shin. They’re comfortable and fit well under your sock, so you can move freely.

Best Street Hockey Shin Guards Review

Top Street Hockey Shin Pads

Bauer Pro Ball Hockey Shin PadsSpandex, PlasticMedium, LargeBlackSee Price
Franklin Sports SG 175Plastic, NylonSmall, MediumBlackSee Price
Mylec Street/Dek Shin PadPlastic, PolyethyleneSmall, Medium, LargeBlackSee Price
CCM QuickLite 190Foam, PlasticMediumRed/BlackSee Price
Q.LAEN Street Hockey Shin PadPolyethylene, Foam, Rubber, Ethylene Vinyl AcetateSmall, Medium, LargeWhite, BlackSee Price
WARRIOR Qxsgyth7Mesh Fabric, PlasticSmall, MediumBlack/YellowSee Price

1. Bauer Pro Ball Hockey Shin Guard

Bauer Pro Ball Hockey Shin Guard

Excellent shin pads by Bauer for the street hockey players who are more often prone to harsh shin injuries during the game. These come in junior and senior sizes and are made of a compact fabric cover. The upper part of the shin guard has a two-piece plastic insert to protect you from slashing and a separate ankle guard for ankle support. These shin pads are also removable, making them a good choice for any aging player.

2. Franklin Sports SG 175 Street Hockey Shin Pads

Franklin Sports SG 175 Pads

If you’re a serious player and you want to protect your shins while playing street hockey, you should get these SG 175 shin shields. They’re designed to be low-profile, so they’ll stay on your shins even when you’re wearing socks. Also, they have good ventilation and are easily removable for washing and drying.

3. Mylec Street Hockey Dek Shin Guards

Mylec Dek Shin Guard

This is a lightweight, streamlined product that provides good protection for the shin and knee areas. Despite the lightweight design, this product is also very durable and will stand up to regular use. The velcro on the outside of the pad is often prone to ripping off after some time. The padding and design of this shin guard will help you stay comfortable while playing.

4. CCM QuickLite 190 Ball Street Hockey Shin Guards

CCM QuickLite 190 Ball Shin Protector

These street hockey shin guards feature a lightweight plastic shin and knee cap with perforated foams to keep the shin and knee protected from the elements. They offer additional protection for the ankle bones and allow the player to slide easily and safely. The two-piece design of these protective gears provides added flexibility and protection. In addition, these products come with an adjustable velcro ankle strap and a tri-strap design.

5. Q.LAEN Street Hockey Shin Protector

Q.LAEN Street Hockey Shin Guards

The Qlaen street hockey shin pads are the latest addition to the popular brand. These protective shin guards are available in a range of styles and colors. Some styles are thinner and lighter than others. There is also a range of adjustable shin guards to suit different sizes and needs. All straps are replaceable and interchangeable, making them the ideal choice for a variety of players.

6. Warrior Qxsgyth7 Street Shin Guard

Warrior Qxsgyth7 Street Shin

Nice affordable street hockey shin pads are made of a combination of breathable and stretchy microfiber material that provides comfort and control over moisture. These feature a removable liner to help with odor control. Elite shin shields are built for advanced and intermediate players with the most advanced technology, protection, and coverage. They also feature lightweight construction, excellent mobility, and comfort. Various upgrades are available for the shin guards, including composites and a smart foam that absorb impact energy.

Ball/Street Hockey Shin Guards Size Chart

Street Hockey Shin Pads Size Chart

Final Words

We hope you find the right pair of shin guards to cater to your street hockey game requirements. A good shin guard should be anatomically designed and feature a comfort liner for added stability. Also, high-quality materials make them extremely comfortable to wear, and most are made with a removable liner that provides additional comfort and shock absorption.

You should be able to find one that fits comfortably, but keep in mind that the protection in the calf area is less than ideal. You can get a shin guard with a removable liner if you want a more custom fit. Still have any questions or suggestions, you can write us in the comment section, we will get back to you ASAP.

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