If you are aware that you have a wider foot than the majority of players, finding the appropriate shoes can be a little difficult since there are few brands offering this kind of skate. Also, when selecting a pair of hockey skates for wide feet, there are a number of factors to take into consideration. Such as their arch size, fit type, flexibility, how comfortable they are, and obviously their price tag. Taking into account all these requirements, we have shortlisted the top 5 wide feet ice hockey skates that every player would like to try at least 1 or 2 options out of this unique collection.

Best Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

1. Botas Attack Men’s Ice Hockey Skate

Botas Attack Men's Ice Hockey Skate

These skates from Botas have a dynamic style with an appealing black and silver print pattern. The overall quality of the reinforcement guarantees strong resistance and effective fixation. Its ankle cushioning gives a comfortable fit, especially for those players who have wide feet. The shoe is constructed with a lightweight composite plastic skeleton, an anatomical fit, and a breathable tongue to keep the foot cool and comfortable. Its blade is made of high-quality stainless steel, and the CLIMA AIR ventilation technology helps to keep your feet cool. The plastic tip is reliable for protecting the toes from impact. This model is a fantastic solution for recreational as well as professional ice hockey players.

2. Bauer Supreme S23 Hockey Skates

Bauer Supreme S23 Skate

Bauer’s S23 is part of the company’s Supreme series of skates. It’s a fantastic skate for beginners and recreational players at all levels. It’s equipped with a 3D Poly Carb boot that delivers the ideal combination of support and flex. If you’re new to ice hockey or just searching for a skate that won’t break the bank, this model is an excellent choice if you have wide feet. Its extra-plush memory foam makes it easier to switch from skater to player throughout the game. They are available in a number of various sizes to accommodate players of varying heights and foot shapes.

3. CCM Ribcor 100K PRO Wide Feet Skates

CCM Ribcor 100K PRO Wide Feet Skates

Those seeking the finest in wide-ice hockey skates are likely to be familiar with CCM’s RibCor series, which is available in a variety of sizes. These more recent versions provide the greatest amount of agility on the ice while achieving the ideal balance between comfort and performance. In addition, the RibCor 100K’s are fitted with CCM’s revolutionary one-piece flex boot technology, which delivers direct energy transmission as well as a tighter fit for more rapid steps. Its innovative Flex Motion tongue and flexible tendon guard give remarkable flexibility and feel, allowing your players to make the most of their full range of motion while playing.

4. True TF9 Ice Hockey Skates

True TF9 Ice Hockey Skates

The magnificent skate is an ideal choice for those who want to get the most from their footwear. A flawless fit is achieved via a combination of a best-in-class fit, a multi-functional SHIFT holder, and an adjustable tongue system. The TF9 is a high-performance shoe with a personalized fit system that includes detachable arch support and an adjustable footbed. It is designed for top players. Having a full-length toe cap keeps you from grinding your shins into your heels, and having an extra-long shaft helps your stability when skating. Also, it offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. If you are dissatisfied with the fit, you may always return the item.

5. Graf PK7900 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

Graf PK7900 Senior Ice Hockey Skates

The PK7900 is built with a two-piece quarter-panel design, which provides the most control over your blade while also providing the most protection. In addition to being replaceable, the runner system incorporates a felt tongue that prevents the runner from moving during play. The toe cap and heel cup are cushioned for enhanced durability and protection in the heel area. Moreover, the traditional fit lets you move freely around the ice rink with confidence. Ultimately, you will not have any soreness in your foot when using these ice skates. Whether you’re a beginner or a veteran skater, the PK7900 is a vital choice.

Choosing the Right Sized Wide Feet Hockey Skates

It’s a common practice that you should go about 1.5 inches short of your casual-wear shoes. Apart from that, there are a variety of additional factors to consider, like skate-built design, breathability, stiffness level, and other factors. Furthermore, be certain that these bad boys provide a high degree of comfort, protection, and long-term performance before purchasing them.

Elements Of Hockey Skates For Wide Feet

Boots: The boot of an ice hockey skate is a significant component. The material that is used to construct the boot is continually improving, and current versions are constructed of innovative synthetic materials that are far lighter and more durable than traditional leather.

Runners: The runner is responsible for connecting the boot to the skate. Metal holders hold the majority of current versions together. These metal pieces are needed to guarantee that the ice hockey skate is capable of withstanding all types of play.

Quarter Package: The quarter package is an essential element of wide-foot hockey skates since it allows for more mobility. It runs from behind the toe box up to the middle of the foot and reaches all the way to the ankle. It is a thermo-moldable piece of plastic that is heated and then cooled. Once it has cooled, this material takes on the contour of the foot and becomes more comfortable. Thus, the skates may be fitted to the person, eliminating any gaps within the skates while increasing comfort and energy transmission. A single eyelet runs along the side of the quarter package and houses the laces.

Tongue: A pair of hockey skates with a tucked tongue will most likely be beneficial if you have wide feet. These give higher protection as well as more adaptability. There is a detachable and adjustable tongue on these hockey skates, which allows them to be adjusted to suit various feet and different sizes.

Laces: Without laces, skates are like fish out of water. The laces of a hockey skate should fit your foot. The lace must be snug and not too loose, as this can result in numbness. If they’re too tight, you’ll have to tighten them every time you play, which can result in injury.

How Much Do Wide Hockey Skates Cost?

This is a common question that is often confused with the cost of regular skates. However, a smart place to begin is by defining your own personal requirements. Having a wide foot means that skates will be more expensive for you to purchase (prices range from $75 to $999). In order to skate effectively if your feet are large, you’ll need to select a pair of skates that are comfortable. This will save you from wasting money on a pair of shoes that are either too small or too tight (prices fall between $60 and $450).

Final Words

This was a brief review of the top ice hockey skates for those who are struggling for an ideal skate for their giant feet. We tried to include the best options based on overall great durability, affordability, and buyers’ positive feedback. At the end of the day, you will need custom-fit skates for your feet in case you still don’t find any suitable pairs. Let us know in the comment section below if you need further guidelines or want to suggest something. We will reach out with the best solution for you ASAP.

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