If you’re a goalie who plays a sport that involves intense contact, finding the best hockey goalie neck guards can be a very difficult task. The protective gear is a necessity for your safety on the ice, and it’s especially important for the goalie’s neck. In addition to helping you prevent injuries, this equipment also protects the delicate parts of your body, such as your neck and back.

Goalie Neck Guards

Top Hockey Goalie Neck Guards

Brand/ModelMade ofSizeColorPrice
Bauer Supreme Neck GuardBlended Mat.JuniorBlackSee Price
A&R Sports Goalie Throat GuardPolycarbonateJunior, SeniorClearSee Price
Vaughn VPC 7000 Neck GuardNylon, FoamsSeniorBlackSee Price
GY Hockey Goalie Neck GuardPolycarbonateJunior, SeniorClearSee Price
Ronin G5X Throat ProtectorLexanJunior, SeniorClearSee Price

1. Bauer Supreme Goalie Neck Protector

Bauer Supreme Hockey Goalie Protective Neck Guard

An excellent protective neck bib is an essential piece of equipment for any hockey goalie. With a reinforced neck plate, this bib protects the clavicle and neck area. A segmented design that offers excellent coverage protects the collarbone. The Thermo-Max liner improves airflow and helps reduce bacteria buildup.

The BNQ-certified bib combines a mesh back and 37.5 technology to keep the player cool and comfortable. It has a breathable design and helps the player stay cool even under pressure. The sanitized (r) technology keeps the player dry and comfortable under the heat of the game. Its ergonomic design gives it added support and prevents injury to the head, hands, and neck.

2. A&R Sports Senior Goalie Throat Guard

A&R Sports Senior Goalie Throat Guard

One of the best top-quality products that will protect your neck and throat. It comes with a high level of breathability and protection and is lightweight to allow for easier mobility. Available in both junior and senior sizes. It features a breathable liner and premium cut-resistant aramid fiber. This keeps the neck area cool and dry while preventing sweat from entering the chest and face.

3. Vaughn VPC 7000 Goalie Neck Guard

It features a compact nylon exterior with a Velcro adjustable closure for optimum performance. The internal padding is made of high-density foam to absorb shock. Moreover, the throat guard is crafted from soft material with high-density foams. It’s also comfortable to wear. It can also help protect the throat and collarbones of a goalie. This is definitely worth buying a neck hockey goalie neck guard for serious players.

4. GY Ice Hockey Goalie Neck Guard

GY Ice Hockey Goalie Throat Protector

A perfect, thick protective cover for the goalie’s neck and collarbone. This mask is made from tough polycarbonate. The material is incredibly tough and durable, and it is lightweight enough to allow the goalie to move without sacrificing safety. Although these aren’t essential, they are convenient and can help the goalie get the puck in the net.

5. Ronin G5X Hockey Goalie Throat Protector

Ronin G5X Hockey Goalie Neck Protector

Lastly, we have the Ronin G5X guard that’s a good throat protector for a hockey goalie. It’s designed for both adult and youth players. The mouthpiece is constructed from molded plastic to prevent the goalie’s mouth from getting twisted and damaged. It’s adjustable and offers excellent vision. The mask is also lightweight and comfortable, so go ahead and get one for yourself.

Final Thoughts

There you have our review of the top 5 hockey neck guards currently available on the market. Again, make sure the hockey neck guards that you’re purchasing are tough enough to withstand a high-impact collision. You should look for a piece of gear that’s both tough and soft. Ballistic nylon is tough and offers the best protection. Terry cloth is also very soft and comfortable, but it can rub your neck when it’s on your head. The material should also be moisture-wicking, which will keep the product dry and make it feel nicer.

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