A field hockey goalie helmet is the most important piece of equipment a goalie can purchase. It helps protect the player’s head from injury, and it has an eye-protection slant to deflect the ball. This type of helmet can also be purchased in a variety of colors. High-end field hockey goalie helmets usually have a cat-eye design, which allows the ball to pass through the shield’s steel framework.

These models tend to be heavier and more expensive, but they offer better protection. While they’re more expensive, they’re worth it if you want to protect yourself while playing. Whether you’re playing a recreational game or a competitive one, there’s a field hockey goalie helmet for you.

Best Field Hockey Goalie Helmets

Key Features Of Field Hockey Goalie Helmets

  • A high-quality goalie helmet should be comfortable, stay in place, and provide excellent visibility
  • The most important feature of a helmet is its ability to prevent the goalie from being hit
  • To protect the goalie’s head from heavy shots
  • The goalie’s face is covered by a protective shield that covers his eyes and chin

1. Gryphon Sentinel Club Goalie Helmet

Gryphon Sentinel Club Goalie Helmet

The Sentinel Club goalie helmet is lightweight and ultra-protective. Aside from that, it has an open-vision face cage, which gives the player full-field visibility. The Sentinel helmet is also extremely durable, thanks to its lightweight construction, which makes it comfortable even for long periods of play. The helmet is also easy to clean and features a Velcro strap for added comfort. It’s available in both standard and extra sizes. Its low-profile design makes it a great choice for those who play in a small-sized arena.

2. Itech Mission Field Hockey Goalie Helmet

Itech Mission Field Hockey Goalie Helmet

This Itech Mission Field Hockey Goalie Helmet has been a popular choice for goalies since its introduction in 2008. The company’s line of ice hockey gear is a popular choice for players of all levels. The helmets are available in black and white. These goalie helmets feature the ITECH brand on the front and sides. They also come with four replacement wires. Those who wear their goalie helmets often wear theirs every day, and the RP607 replacement wires are a good idea to get one.

3. TK Total 3.1 Women’s Goalie Helmet

TK Total 3.1 Women's Goalie Helmet

The TK Total 3.1 women’s hockey goalie helmet is a great choice for junior goalies. Its facemask provides excellent protection to the eyes. Also, it features vent holes to help keep you cool during hot games. The matte black finish is attractive and makes your helmet look elegant. The TK Hockey Total 3.5 is available in a variety of colors. It has a lightweight design for improved visibility. A few more features of this hockey goalie helmet include a removable facemask.

4. OBO Robo FG Field Hockey Goalie Helmet

OBO Robo FG Field Hockey Goalie Helmet

This hockey goalie helmet has a steel facemask for maximum visibility, a comfortable chin cup, and an adjustable back of the head plate. It is made of a strong fiberglass shell and is an excellent choice for both entry-level and professional players. It also features a removable sunvisor. You can replace the visor if it’s rusted or bent. Designed to withstand rough play, the backplate and elastic should never need replacing. This helmet is very comfortable to wear, and the chin cup protects the jaw and keeps sweat away from the eyes.

5. Grays G600 Goalkeeper Helmet

Grays G600 Goalkeeper Helmet

The G600 goalkeeper helmet offers the highest level of protection for goalies. The high-visibility mask makes it easy to see the game, and the fully adjustable chin strap makes it comfortable for the player. The helmet is designed to fit a wide variety of head sizes, so there is a size that fits just right. It is available in black and transparent plastic. In addition, it has a removable chin strap, which makes it ideal for training purposes.


A good goalkeeper helmet can protect a player’s head from the worst of injuries, but comfort is equally important. The chinstrap should be snug yet gently contact the chin when fastened. Also, a goalkeeper helmet should feel secure and comfortable on the head, so as to maximize the level of protection it offers. These are the top helmets for goalies currently available on the market, so choose one for yourself confidently.

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