A goalie knows how important it is to wear protective knee guards during a hockey game. You have to be comfortable on the rink or field, and these pads allow you to do so. In this article, we will look at different brands of hockey goalie knee pads for your needs. There are several options to consider when buying these pads. Some are expensive and are meant to be more durable and built for long-lasting performance. But don’t you worry; we have also included relatively cheaper ones that are as efficient in quality and capability. It’s always recommended that you choose a pair that fits your specific size, as a larger one may not provide the protection you need.

Best Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

Top Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

Bauer 1X Goalie PadsFoamStrappingOne SizeSee Price
CCM Pro Goalie PadsNylon, MeshStrappingSr.See Price
Bodyprox Goalie GuardsPolyesterPull-OnJr. & Sr.See Price
Bauer Supreme Goalie PadFoamStrappingSr.See Price
ToughBuilt GuardsFoamBuckleFoamFitSee Price
NoCry Goalie PadsRubber, FoamHook and LoopOne SizeSee Price
YKTSUJ Unisex PadPolyesterHook and LoopSr.See Price

1. Bauer 1X Hockey Goalie Knee Guards

Bauer 1X Knee Guard

A senior goalie can’t be without a pair of good knee pads. The Bauer 1X goalie knee pads are made with a new, improved pattern of a natural movement channel. The resulting design helps the goalie achieve the best rotation and balance. They also have new transfer mesh padding to maximize airflow in the liner. These features make these pads comfortable to wear and provide a high level of protection.

2. CCM Pro Senior Thigh Pads

CCM Pro Senior Goalie Thigh Protectors

The CCM Pro pads are designed to offer secure protection for knees, thighs, and ankles. They feature an injection-molded cap and articulating hinge thigh and knee construction. Additionally, they have adjustable elastic straps and tabs for suspenders, which are especially convenient for older adults. The pros of these pads are the many benefits they offer and the overall comfort they provide.

3. Bodyprox Protective Goalie Knee Pads

Bodyprox Protective Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

These protective knee pads are built for a lot of protection and cushioning without taking up too much space. These are great for hockey goalies who don’t want to spend too much money on a knee pad, and they fit comfortably over the legs. The knee pads are also designed with ease of use in mind, so you can pull them on and off without removing your hockey outfits.

4. ToughBuilt Hockey Goalie Knee Pads

ToughBuilt Goalie Knee Guards

The thigh-support knee pads are the industry standard in all-day kneeling ergonomics. These lightweight, breathable pads deliver ultimate stability and ease of side-to-side motion. The thigh support is integrated into the pad for a secure fit. The lower platform elevates the shin off the ground, alleviating pressure on the ankles. The ergonomic foam design supports the natural shape of the knee and distributes pressure evenly.

5. Bauer Supreme Knee Pads

Bauer Supreme Goalie Knee Pads

The Bauer Supreme knee and thigh protectors are comfortable, protective, and affordable pads for goalies. The upper half of the pads incorporate a free-floating plastic OPS with an overlap protective shield. Its “L” design is great for goalies with a wide butterfly technique. The outer shell is made of a THERMO MAX+ liner with a silicone grip point strap. The knee pads are made with an anchor strap for a secure and jam-free fit.

6. NoCry Heavy Duty Knee Guards

NoCry Heavy Duty Knee Guards

These knee pads are made for professional hockey goalies. They feature an extra-thick gel cushion backed by layers of EVA foam padding that help prevent soreness from arising. Featuring a no-velcro closure system and a hoop neoprene strap with a slip-buckle clip. They are also designed to accommodate knees up to 22 inches in circumference.

7. YKTSUJ Unisex Knee Pads

YKTSUJ Unisex Knee Pads

Lastly, we have YKTSUJ kneepads, which are designed for both male and female hockey goalies. They come in two fashionable colors (black/blue and black/orange) and feature a unique Hexpad that runs from top to bottom. These pads are lightweight, which won’t limit your range of motion. Because the lining is made of breathable material, sweating won’t affect your performance. And because these pads offer 360-degree protection, they don’t interfere with your movements during the hockey game.

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