The CCM Tacks 9050 hockey skates have speed blades stainless steel runners and these are sitting in speed blade Pro holders. The runners are not removable but the speed blade pro holder features a very similar design to what we see in top-line hockey skates. Meaning ut gives you good rigidity for better energy transfer and power.

CCM Tacks 9050 Skates

CCM Tacks 9050 Ice Hockey Skates

We have an injected plastic outsole but this one’s actually concave so it adds more stiffness similar to what we see in the holder and gives you better energy transfer and just a little more support.

There’s a big upgrade with the injected synthetic composite boot a lot more stiffness and support through the rear. It’s gonna bake better to your foot if you do so want to get that personalized fit.

But the big thing about more stiffness aside from getting more power is that it’s gonna last longer and just make it a little bit stable for those players who are getting into the game learning their stride.

We are going to have some more durable facing all the way throughout so again just work it to give you a skate that’s a little bit more durable lasts a little bit longer.

The tongue is well upgraded that’s actually 7mm instead of 5mm compared to that 9040 ice skates so it has more thickness.

They use some real thick injected foams down through the center so on top of your foot feels a lot more comfortable.

If you are starting to play hockey and you do take a puck off of the top of the foot, it’s gonna give you much more protection. Also, it helps to prevent lace bite which can be painful.

Into the liner, we’re gonna see much thicker foams all the way throughout so when you go ahead and bake these give you a more personalized fit making you feel a lot more comfortable.

And then topping, it’s kind of a brushed microfiber liner that has a really soft feel to it so obviously a lot of comforts there but it’s gonna help to wick away moisture to keep you dry.

As far as the volume goes, this whole Tacks family is going to be a medium volume fitting family meaning medium volume or medium width as far as the toe box forefoot as well as overall depth.

This CCM Tacks 9050 ice skate weighs 821 grams and available in sizes 39/40/41/42/47 so go ahead find your size and enjoy the game.

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