CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Skates Review 2024 – We are going to be taking a look at the brand new CCM tacks 4052 ice hockey skates. So starting at the base of the state, the CCM featuring their speed blade stainless runner that helps a hockey player to hold its edge much longer giving a player a longer performing blade.

CCM Tacks 4052 Hockey Skates

The CC M’s speed blade 4.0 holder has had an increase of the type allowing for a greater turning radius so you are going to be able to get much deeper into your turns, much lower, and more aggressive into your turns improving your overall agility and maneuverability on the ice.

The Tacks 4052 features a vented fiber nylon composite outsole which offers a great level of stiffness for an intermediate level of play. This outside is also going to offer some great responsiveness and energy transfer rates.

It also has perforations or holes at the bottom that help alleviate any of the excess heat and moisture that enters inside the escapes through those perforations or holds.

This is also going to assist escape with drying so after you finished using these boots and you pop the footbed that is inside out, you are going to get a good circulation of air allowing the skates to dry much more effectively.

CCM Ribcor 50K Skates

Taking a look at the quartz package or the upper of these boots as these are intended for an intermediate level of play, they are going to have a lot of great new features to be able to support the hockey player.

CCM has also featured these skates with one of their new features that have been added for the Tacks range which is their internal supported attack frame. The wavy attack frameworks give the skate a little bit more rigidity and added support and structural benefits like helping the skate last much longer, its haunted durability, and protection.

It is also going to help the skater take advantage of things like speed on the ice and specifically explosive performance on the ice.

Some of the other features of CCM added to these escapes include their formula tea floor which means that these skates are going to hold up much better over a longer period of time than some of the other intermediate ranges of skates.

The midsole of these skates also features CCM’s injected Serling’s sections that help to increase the support for enhanced blade to boot interface so that means any of the movements that you make inside the skate is able to be translated directly onto the blade resulting in a very responsive boot.

This model of CCM skate comes with a seven millimeter thick white felts two-piece tongue which features EVA foams. These EVA foams help provide an excellent fit and also great comfort. You also get additional foams among the center portion and the spine of the EM tongue to help pump out that lace bite.

Taking a look inside the skate, CCM featuring a quick-dry heavy-duty microfiber liner which ensures a comfortable fit with added durability so this means that you are still going to be able to get some of that moisture-wicking away properties but you are also going to get that comfort and a great level of protection.

Inside these skates, last but not least its footbed that you get with these skates. This is going to be CCM’s fit Sistine footbed which features a nice brushed nylon liner on the base and the traditional foams which have to give you a nice comfortable fit inside these skates. So this has been a quick look at the brand new CCM tacks 4052 ice hockey skates.

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