The CCM Ribcor 50K ice hockey skate features the speed blade black runner and this has been treated to be corrosion resistant and it holds an edge longer. The thing that we like about them is that you’re able to see little chips and burrs in the edges so you know when you need to get them to resharpen. This is going to be sitting in the speed blade 4.0 holder that sits 4 millimeters tall in the front and rear post giving you a real aggressive turning radius. Also, check out the best Ice Hockey Skates.

CCM RibCor 50K skates

Rigid Design

It also has the speed rib design and the lowers as well and this just adds some rigidity to the holder itself. So you’re not going to lose power as you’re taking your stride and that kind of works in conjunction with the full lightweight composite invented outsole.


The lightweight composite outsole is stiff and rigid very similar to the speed rod design. So when you’re taking your stride, you will get the maximum energy transfer possible. It also has vents that allow moisture to escape out of the bottom of the boot.


This is going to be their carbon fiber reinforced rib quarter that has a ton of stiffness and support in the rear and what we like about is that it kind of softens up in the eyelets a little bit. So it still gives you a ton of support.

Since you’re taking your stride, you’re getting the maximum power out of it but so have a little bit softer feel a little more traditional and style so right out of the box. They have a great comfortable fit but you’re not losing performance for that comfortability.

Air Bladder

The CCM RibCor 50K Skate also features a next-generation signature pump design so CCM went ahead and improved on it and with each pump, you will get a little more air injected into that bladder that sits in the heel.

For those who do not know, there’s an air bladder that sits in the heel and you go ahead and pump it up that bladder fills up with air and that eliminates negative space so your foot not going to be sliding around as much and gives you that great personalized fit.

Heel Lock

The other kind of Reebok signature design that they brought over onto the CCM skate is going to be the skate lock design. This helps to increase the heel lock so you will not get any heel slippage.

Injected Tendon Guard

This falls in line that offers the maximum range of motion through each stride. So it has a lot more to give that we do not see in other skates. With that injected rubber, the skate does not break down over time and it gives that great durability for the long run.


The try guard tongue is a nice update that is a little bit thinner in overall width compared to the previous generation but it has a lot of thickness to it. It is a two-piece sewn-together design very traditional and standard and it has that very traditional feel with those injected foams you will get a nice lace bite saddle which of course alleviates that pressure that causes lace bite.


The liner is going to be their dual-zone tacky nash and chlorine aligner very pro-style, very pro feeling but that tacky nash down through the sander is really going to help lock in your heel so again you’re not going to have any heel slippage and then the chlorine owes on the side is very durable that wicks away moisture kind of pushes it to the bottom of the boot. Buy here the CCM RibCor 50K skate.

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