We are here to do a brief review of the latest CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro ice hockey skates. These are built for elite hockey players who are looking for a skate that can do it all, as they combine the best elements of both Ribcor and Super Tacks. It’s a part of their three-fit system, meaning you can get this in a low, medium, and high volume fit with their three different options, and it is available in sizes 4 through 11.5.

CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Skates Review

CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Hockey Skates

Key Features

  • We have the best steel in the game right now, the stepped black steel, which has a unique carbon chrome polished finish that provides incredible edge retention as well as a ton of style points.
  • It has that pro-style height that gives you more custom profiling options, better edge retention, and a more aggressive angle of attack.
  • The access holder with the quick-release mechanical dial system allows you to swap out your steel in seconds, and this is all connected to the one-piece rocket frame speed composite boot with a full composite midsole.
  • So as we know, and if you haven’t, this is one of the best materials and constructions on the market today. It is incredibly stiff, especially when you compare it to the FT4 ice skates, but not as stiff as the Super Tacks line.
  • As this is meant for a little bit more of a hybrid-style player, it’s very thermally formable, but most importantly, that one-piece boot is just going to make you faster.
  • There are key reasons why, and all of them derive from the lack of outsole glue and nails that typically are needed when building a boot, so without all that material, it lightens the boot.
  • It reduces the extra material that separates your foot from the ice, so it increases your energy transfer, and it gives you a much more connected feel between your foot and the ice.
  • Since that boot wraps underneath the foot from the bottom to the sides, it gives you a much more anatomically correct fit, especially when you go ahead and bake these, giving them a huge look as well as the visual update this year too.
  • Now with all of this stiffness, they went ahead and added extra plush ankle pads, giving a hockey player a great feel, especially for those players who are playing in tournaments or on the ice four or five times a week, which alleviates that high ankle abrasion.
  • The CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Skates have a low-profile face that helps to reduce a little bit of the weight and gives it a great modern look.
  • There is also a new asymmetrical toe cap, so with reduced internal volume, you feel much more connected with the ice as well.
  • Ultimately, your feet don’t feel like they’re swimming; they’re sloppy inside, but they feel nice and connected and always keep you locked in.


Getting into the tongue, this is their two-piece asymmetrical metatomic tongue. It’s very traditional for the Jet Speed line, but this year it has much more forward flex, so for those players getting into a really aggressive deep knee bend over the tops of their feet, it’s going to easily allow them to do that without compromising any protection for the top of the foot since you have that thick felt and injected foam all the way throughout.


Another cool feature of CCM JetSpeed FT4 Pro Skates is their reinforced total dry liner, which has a very soft feel to the touch.

There’s a little bit of a grippy texture, especially in key locations like on the tendon guard, but more importantly, going down into the boot helps keep you locked in, especially at the end of the game when you’re sweaty, just making sure that you’re getting every ounce of power out of each stride.

Padded Foam

They have oversized anti-abrasion pads and a big investment in a skate like this FT4 Pro to ensure that your boot lasts as long as possible so it’s great to see them do that there

Also, they incorporate oversized ADPT comfort memory foam material that feels incredible, like a dream right out of the box, but go ahead and bake these bad boys, and they’re going to give you that custom-pro-inspired feel before you ever hit the ice.


Come in at just under 900 grams (899 in the senior size 9 skate). This is built to give you incredible power and agility.

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