In this article, we are going to take a quick look at the CCM Jetspeed FT340 hockey skate. So compared to last year’s model, it has a nice upgrade with the holder.

This is going to be stiffer through the midsection that provides better stability as well as support.

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Ccm Jetspeed Ft340

Key Notes

  • Suitable for beginner and intermediate level players
  • One of the best CCM’s skates ever
  • It just weighs 6 pounds

The Jetspeed FT340 features a triangular design with stainless steel runners but these are not removable. It is all connected to the injected plastic outsole that works extremely well with the injected boot to give those entry-level or new hockey players good level support without being too stiff so they can really start to learn how to take those strides on ice.

This is also very nice for recreational use as well. As far as the tongue goes, these skates have a very pro-style fairly thick tongue that is two-piece so it stood together down through the center gives you a nice anatomical wrap but it still has that cool pro-style look.

Into the liner, there is going to be a nice microfiber liner very soft to the touch but it is going to help wick away the moisture too.

Overall it is a medium volume skate but as far as the forefoot is concerned, it is going to be a little more on the slightly narrow side and it is going to have a nice tight heel lock as well.

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