Besides having a good pair of figure skates, it’s also important for you to have some quality socks on your feet for ultimate comfort and stability. There are many brands of figure skating socks out there in the market so it can be difficult to decide what to choose. Therefore, we have put together the top 5 best figure skate socks. All are of great quality, well priced, and for long time use. Also, worth checking out these ice hockey socks.

figure skate socks

Best Figure Skate Socks

1. CRS Cross Figure Skating Socks

CRS Cross Figure Skating Socks

On top of our list, we keep one of the major brands (CRS Cross) which mainly deals in figure skating products. They don’t compromise on quality and always try to maintain a level up to the expectations of customers. These figure skate socks are the result of soft materials so very warm, easy stretchable, and breathable. Featuring a knee-high design to perfectly fit in the skates. They firmly stay on the calves and don’t slip like other typical socks with elastic bands. Come in one size that almost fits with all legs. A huge color line is available (green, yellow, black, pink, blue, etc.) so choose what you like the most.

2. Sox Trot Women’s Figure Skating Socks

Sox Trot Women's Figure Skating Socks

These socks have a knee-high stretchable design that’s ideal for a snug fit over the legs and to prevent the headaches of pulling them up again and again. Nicely made using a combination of nylon and lycra materials to achieve maximum durability, comfortability, and long-term performance. These come in a pack of 3 or 6 pairs. You have a wide range of beautiful colors to match with other figure skating outfits. Only hand wash is recommended.

3. Rollerblade Kids Socks

Rollerblade Kids Socks

If you prefer mid-calf over high-knee socks, these are the perfect match for you. These have a shin proactive construction design for personalized left and right use. You will get an anatomical fit for better performance during high-pressure situations. The unique anti-wicking technology provides you with a moist-free environment for an extended period of time. Stay in shape even on rough use so definitely great socks to buy for yourself and kids who are into figure skating.

4. Relaxsan Knee High Socks

Relaxsan Figure Skate Knee High Socks

On number 4, we have knee-high figure skate socks by the Relaxsen. These have good elasticity to put on/off effortlessly. Highly compact and comfy due to their reinforced heel and toe construction. Super light and skinny yet durable. Enjoy figure skating wearing these magnificent socks. Available in multiple sizes and colors.

5. Antspuent Crew Socks For Figure Skaters

Antspuent Crew Socks For Figure Skaters

The socks are gonna offer you an excellent level of comfort and support while you are skating on the ice rink. Made of 100% pure cotton fabric so extremely lightweight, soft, and flexible in nature. The quality of each sock is carefully inspected by hand in the USA so you can expect long-term durability. For the price, we would definitely recommend these socks to everyone.


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