When it comes to buying figure skate soakers, finding a quality pair of soft ones is crucial. Soft figure skate covers are meant to protect your skate blades from moisture as you skate, in contrast to regular socks, which may hold onto moisture. Figure skate soakers are available from a variety of popular brands, including Proguard, Ealer, and A&R Sports. Choose a pair that matches your figure skater’s unique style.

Best Figure Skate Soakers

Top Figure Skate Soakers

ProguardTerryclothRed/Black/Pink...UniversalSee Price
LIUHUOPolyesterMulti-colorXS/S/M/L/XLSee Price
KleveryOxford ClothNavyS/M/LSee Price
CRS CrossTerryclothGreen/Purple/Yellow...S/M/LSee Price
AthleticoTerryclothBlackS/M/LSee Price
EALERNylonNavySSee Price
QchengsanTerryclothBlack/Red/BlueS/M/LSee Price
Jerry SkatingTerryclothMulti-colorUniversalSee Price
A&R SportsNylonSilverMaroon/Gold...S/M/LSee Price
MenolanaTerryclothBlackLSee Price

1. Proguard Figure Skate Blade Protector

Proguard Figure Skate Blade Protector

Amazing soakers that are designed to protect the blades as the skater is going to step off the rink. They are constructed of a soft cotton terrycloth that wicks away moisture and has an adjustable design that allows you to customize the way they fit. These are the ideal addition to any figure skater’s collection since they are available in a wide selection of colors and patterns and are quite versatile. Not only do they give skaters the confidence to perform to their best, but they also help keep their blades sharp.

2. LIUHUO Animal Figure Skates Soakers

LIUHUO Animal Figure Skates SoakersThis pair of animal-themed figure skate covers shields the blades from sharp objects and oxidation, keeping your skates in prime shape. These are crafted of high-quality polyester and can be adjusted to fit sizes ranging from children to adults. They are cheap, quite efficient, and will keep your skate blades safe. Moreover, they come in a variety of cute animal designs. This is an item that you just cannot go without if you take the ice and figure skating seriously. They are an essential need.

3. Klevery Figure Skate Blade Covers

Klevery Figure Skate Blade Covers

Low-cost figure skate soakers are designed to prevent damage to the blades of your skates from surfaces other than ice, such as concrete and asphalt. They are quite simple to remove and clean, and they will assist in maintaining the quality of the blades. These soakers protect your blades from wear and tear while also making it easier for you to take smoother strides.

4. CRS Cross Soakers and Towel Set

CRS Cross Soakers and Towel Set

A pair of skate blade guards, soakers, and towels are included in this all-in-one set. They serve to protect the skate blades from the filth that may be on the floor and also keep the blades safe while they are stored in their bag. The soakers are made out of terry fabric, and they are available in a broad range of stunning plain colors. Additionally, the soakers are offered in three different sizes: small, medium, and large. They are simple to put together and come with a comprehensive instruction booklet for the proper maintenance of the blades.

5. Athletico Figure Skate Blade Soakers

Athletico Figure Skate Blade Soakers

You can use the Athletico blade covers to protect your skates from water damage and keep your blades from getting wet. These blade soakers not only protect but also make things easier and more comfortable. The liner soaks up the water from the melting ice, keeping the blades from rusting and making you lose your balance.

6. EALER SKC100 Figure Skate Blade Covers

EALER SKC100 Figure Skate Blade Covers

You should choose the Ealer figure skate blade covers if you want a cheap pair of good figure skate soakers. These will keep the blades from getting rusty or broken and make them safer to use. When you buy the Ealer SKC100 blade cover, you also get an extra guard. This is a must-have item for figure skaters and hockey players who need to keep their skate blades in good shape while skating.

7. Qchengsan Figure Skate Soakers

Qchengsan Figure Skate Soakers

These soakers come in a variety of close-up colors, which contribute to their overall attractive appearance. In addition to that, they come with a lining that wicks away moisture and an absorbent fabric made of Terry cloth. They shield the blades from damage by soaking up moisture and preventing moisture from getting to the blades until the skates reach room temperature. The Qchengsan Figure Skate Soakers are fantastic for skaters of every level due to the adaptable design of the product.

8. Jerry Skating Fun Food Soakers

Jerry Skating Fun Food Soakers

If you’ve ever wanted to get wet during a figure skating session, you should check out these fun food figure soakers. They are tasty in addition to being entertaining to use. But don’t let their appetizing appearance deceive you. They’re not actually edible! If you’re going to purchase one, you may as well make it an enjoyable game while you’re at it! These funky figure skaters are available in a variety of colors and food shapes so you’re bound to find a pair that will please your inner child.

9. A&R Sports Pro-Stock Tuffterry Cover

A&R Sports Pro-Stock Tuffterry CoverThese skate covers feature double-fused tips and high-quality nylon materials. They also have a thick, durable Oxford outer shell and absorbent terrycloth lining. The extra-wide design allows you to easily slip the cover over your skate blade, preventing it from chipping or losing its sharpness. The A&R Sports Pro-Stock Tuffterry figure skate soakers come in small, medium, and large sizes and many eye-catching colors including navy, black, yellow, and more.

10. Menolana Figure Skate Blade Cover

Menolana Figure Skate Blade Cover

You may be familiar with the Menolana skate blade cover, but do you really understand what they are and what advantages they can provide you? These coverings, which are constructed out of premium terrycloth, act as a protective barrier between the blade and the surface they are placed on. After a lengthy performance, skaters would often use them to preserve their skates from further wear and tear after the competition was over. They stop your skates from getting dull. Another helpful measure to take against rust is to use a skate guard.

Final Words

We hope you find this review of Figure Skate Soaker useful. Again we will advise that always protecting the blades and preventing nicks from occurring, soakers should be worn by figure skaters at all times. Even though there is cushioning already on the floor, it’s still necessary to use skate covers in order to safeguard your skates. Small stones and other things can damage your blade. Because even a little hole or area may cause significant damage to the metal, you need to make sure that your guards are in good condition before you go skating. You need to quickly replace the guards if you discover any tiny stains, holes, or cracks on them.


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