If you are looking for the best figure skating pants for your girl (sister, daughter, girlfriend, or wife) who’s a professional or recreational figure skater, we have got you covered with the top 5 best figure skating leggings/pants. All are made of great-quality fabrics to offer maximum comfort, breathability, and long-term performance at very reasonable prices.

Best Figure Skating Pants

1. Ice-Fire Girls Figure Skating Pant

Ice Fire Girls Figure Skate Pant

The comfortable-to-the-touch inner surface and rapid-drying spandex outer side combine to make this fabric one of the best on the market for activewear. Fun new variation every time with a glittery rainbow print cloth. The wide waistband and bottom hem provide a new, sharper style and movement comfort.

2. NY2 Skating Practice Pant

NY2 Figure Skating Practice Pants

The combination of Supplex and Lycra fabric gives you the comfort and fit you require. Cotton-feel softness and appearance. Stretch in four directions for muscle support and mobility. A sturdy fleece fabric provides warmth. It’s fully breathable and colorfast, and it holds its shape well while resisting odors.

3. ChloeNoel Spiral Figure Skating Pants

ChloeNoel Spiral Skating Pant

Buy the coordinating jacket and these pants for your sister or daughter. She can wear the pants without having to size up. Because of the high-quality fabric, she’ll enjoy using it as practice attire during figure skating lessons.

4. Victoria’s Challenge Skate Pant

Victoria's Challenge Figure Skating Pant

The elastic cuffs on these USA-made Victoria’s Challenge figure skating trousers keep them snug on your wrists. These leggings have a luxuriously smooth feel and a flattering shape. Foam pad shorts can be worn underneath to enable more dangerous actions while still keeping them secure. Your purchase will meet your expectations in every way.

5. Liuhuo Girl’s Figure Skating Pants

Liuhuo Girl's Figure Skating Pants

The best-wearing comfort comes from choosing high-quality fabrics. Elastic, breathable, and mildly waterproof figure skating pants. There are nine different sizes available from the seller. There are sizes available for everyone, whether you’re a lovely little girl or a stunning lady. The use of a skin-friendly and thermally effective fleece lining ensures warmth.


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