We’re going to be taking a quick look at the Bauer Vapor X600 hockey skates so we have an extended steel runner sitting in the two edge holders.

Bauer Vapor X600 Skates

Bauer Vapor X600 Skates Review

Quick-release trigger

Now, this has a quick-release trigger system that allows you to swap out damaged or broken steel in seconds. This keeps you on the ice and off the bench.

Injected Outsole

It’s going to be connected to the clear, injected plastic outsole that works really well with the tech mesh nylon quarter package.

The Bauer Vapor X600 skate has a really big jump in stiffness compared to the 500 so you’re going to get a ton of power through each stride.


It has a two-piece, 40-ounce white felt tongue that you can see stitched together down through the center and this just gives you a nice anatomical wrap-up around the shin guard.

If you are going for some flop, all you have to do is break in that plastic insert; it’s going to be flopping all over the place.

Plastic Insert

Now, as far as that plastic insert is concerned, it’s going to run down through the center to give you good impact protection for the top of the foot as well as help prevent lace bites.


Internally, they use a hydrophobic, moisture-wicking microfiber that has a really nice soft feel to it. It feels especially great when you go ahead and slip your foot in the boot but the whole thing is going to help wick away the moisture and keep your feet dry.

Ankle Pads

Deep down, you are going to see the unique Anta foam ankle pads that really help give you some great heel locks.


As far as support and stability go, this is going to use that updated extra design that dates back to the Bauer OD1N Project and gives you enhanced stability as well as support.

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