The Bauer Vapor X3.5 hockey skates are a great addition to any player’s arsenal. Featuring an updated one-piece construction, these skates improve the comfort and feel of traditional rubber boots. The new microfiber inner material enhances the skate’s feel and a host of other design elements make this pair even better looking. If you are looking for a pair of skating shoes, these are a perfect choice.

Bauer Vapor X3.5 Hockey Skates

These have a one-piece 3D poly-carbon-quarter package and a TPR outsole. This combination of lightweight material and a durable rubber outsole provides more stability and flexibility, making it excellent for junior and senior hockey players.

They also come with memory foam padding for added comfort and ankle support. With this, you will be able to focus on the game of your choice without worrying about your feet hurting.

Their microfiber liner is easy to clean, keeps the feet dry, and prevents slipping and tearing

The LS Pro II blade holder is another great addition to this style. You can also customize the boots with different colors and patterns to suit your personal taste. A lace-up version is available, too.

They feature a 40-ounce felt tongue and a mesh metatarsal guard for increased protection. Its graphics mimic those of the 3x Pro model, but they tone down the neon-yellow color pop to provide a more traditional look.

The X3.5 is available in a youth-focused model with a comfortable felt tongue and lining. Aside from the slickness of the skates, the Bauer Vapor X3.5 is also available in a variety of sizes.

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