Here we are to do a quick review of the new Bauer Vapor X2.7R skates. we have the Labeda Union indoor wheels offering some really great performance for that performance level player at this price point. It’s gonna be really hard to beat.

Bauer Vapor X2.7R Skates

Bauer Vapor X2.7R Hockey Skates

Inside, we have the Hi-Lo Abec 7 bearings offering some really great glide to go with that high-end speed and grip the wheels are offering.

Featuring one-piece Hi-Lo chassis. This is made out of aluminum which offers a really great balance of strength as well as lightness.

It’s a high-low setup meaning we have two 18mm wheels in the back and two 76mm wheels in the front giving you their nice aggressive stance and offering great agility.

This is all connected to the TPR plastic outsole so that’s a key for a performance-level hockey player that’s jumping up from that entry-level escape because it still offers good stability for a nice balance.

The same thing can be said with this one-piece 3d Poly Carb but this is new to the Vapor Line Skates this year it’s a little bit different from construction what we usually see in the past but it has a great stiffness that usually isn’t found at this price point.

As a player, you’re gonna feel a little bit more stable on your feet. Also, it helps prevent premature breakdown over time so long story short great stability and they’re gonna last a long time too.

Aiding in that the abrasion guards that we see on the outside as well as the inside of the boot to help prevent any of that wear and tear that you get especially if you’re gonna play outside with these roller skates.

For the tongue, the Bauer Vapor X2.7R roller skates feature a pro-inspired two-piece 40 ounce felt tongue. It has a nice thickness to it down through the center.

We have some extra injected foams as well as an injected plastic piece through the center great at deflecting impact energy from slashes, pucks, and typical stuff that happens during a game great to see again at this price point this skate is filled with some cool features.

Into the liner, we have an HD microfiber that has a slow tacky texture so roller hockey’s a really hot game so it helps to keep the feet planted in there all game long making sure that you’re not sliding around.

Inside the boot, another cool upgrade to the entire Bauer Vapor Line this year is just the thickness of foams that we find throughout. they really keyed in on that out-of-the-box comfort and some extremely thick foams all the way throughout.

They almost feel broken in but you will want to make sure that you go ahead and heat mold these giving you that custom fit and feel before you ever hit the rink.

Lastly, for under-the-foot comfort, we do have their foam fit footbed that has a nice layer of foam to it to help keep it comfortable.

For the fit profile, this is the signature Vapor tapered low-profile fit that means you have a really nice tight ankle lock.

The overall instep is gonna be lower than the Supreme or in the Roller hockey version of the Mission family and then through the forefoot, it is also going to be a bit narrow up there too.

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