In this review, we are going to have a look at this new limited edition Bauer Supreme S36 ice hockey skate. Also worth checking out the other brand’s ice hockey skates.

Bauer Supreme S36 Skate

Bauer Supreme S36 Skate

TUUK Edge Holder

Starting below the boot is a really great feature to see at this price point and a big upgrade from what we see in the S35 skates with the TUUK edge holder. This is the most popular holder in the NHL today. The big reason is this quick-release trigger system that allows you to swap out damaged or broken steel in seconds.

Another key upgrade compared to that S35 is that it’s just removable; the other one is not so in case you do break your steel on the S35, you have to replace your entire skate or the Holder Runner combo but at that point, it’s just worth getting another skate.


They have a TPR plastic outsole with their new 3D injection polycarbonate boot. Both of these offer a really good entry with a slightly competitive level of stiffness, making them ideal for those players who are looking to start really improving their stride without it being too stiff.

The increase in stiffness helps prevent premature breakdown over time so it’s going to maintain that level of stability over time. Featuring a limited edition black colorway that definitely stands out from the rest of the Supreme skates,


The same thing can be said about their cool, sleek-looking 30-ounce black felt tongue and it has some really nice thickness to it. They did include some injected foam down through the center, which offers good protection on the top of the foot from impacts as well as lace bites. And then pairing the black tongue with the black boot as well as the black liner really looks slick.


Into the liner: this is a really nice, durable microfiber liner, soft to the touch but more importantly, it’s moisture-wicking. This keeps your feet dry and locked into place all game long.

Ankle Padding

Bauer did a good job this year of increasing the amount of ankle padding with their memory foam. As soon as you get these delivered to your doorstep, you slip your foot into the boot. It has a really comfortable feel, especially after you bake these at home, where they mold around your foot a little bit better for immediate, great step-in comfort.


For the fit profile, this is your standard medium width and that includes the overall forefoot width as well as the overall depth in the boot. This really does fit a vast majority of the players out there, unless you know you have a very narrow or a very wide foot.

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