If you are looking for the best street hockey goalie equipment, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, we’ll go over the top brands and how to choose the right one. From sticks to pads, we’ll cover the basics. Plus, we’ll take a look at which street hockey gear set is best for your budget! And don’t forget about the quality! There are many different types of goalie equipment to choose from. Let’s have a quick look at our top 5 picks out of what’s currently available in the sports market.

Best Street Hockey Goalie Equipment Sets

1. Franklin Sports NHL Kid’s Goalie Set

Franklin Sports NHL Kid's Goalie Set

Excellent children’s street hockey goalie set comprising of a set of gloves, blocker, and leg pads. The leg pad is made from high-impact, pre-curved knee pad material with a tapered thigh rise. Additionally, the catching glove has a full-coverage backhand pad, soft leather backing, a full-flex cuff, and a padded thumb.

2. Blue Sports Street Hockey Goal Kit

Blue Sports Goal Kit

A street hockey goalie kit includes all of the gear needed to make big saves. The goalie gear is lightweight and designed for youth leagues. It consists of a mask, leg pads, a catcher and blockers, a chest protector, and a goal stick. These items are required by all players in street hockey games.

3. Mylec Street Hockey Goalie Set

Mylec Street Hockey Goalie Set

Mylec has a full line of goalie gear for youths and adults alike. The Goalie Set includes a mask, blocker, catch glove, and chest protector. Additionally, you will need a stick before you jump into the street. The goalie pads and gear are available in several sizes and styles.

4. Bauer Recreational Street Hockey Goal Set

Bauer Recreational Street Hockey Goal Set

If you want to be the best goalie in the neighborhood, the Bauer recreational street hockey goalie set is the perfect solution. It comes with everything a youth or recreational player needs to make big saves. This kit includes leg pads, a chest pad, a catcher, and a blocker. All the items are pretty durable and offer long-lasting performance.

5. Road Warrior 27-Inch Street Hockey Goalie Set

Road Warrior 27 Inch Street Hockey Goalie Set

This is a wonderful set of street hockey goalie equipment with a removable blocker. The Road Warrior PTG+ is a high-density foam pad that protects the thigh and calf areas. The pad fits snugly over the knee, which can cause damage to your knees. Go ahead and buy a set for yourself to enjoy the game while feeling safe and protected.

6. Boston Bruins/Tuukka Rask Goalie Set

Boston Bruins/Tuukka Rask Goalie Set

The whole set features a multi-ply birch goalie stick with the signature graphics of Tuukka Rask. The goalie gloves, catch glove, blocker, and net are made of high-impact polymer to provide durability and abrasion resistance. It’s officially licensed by the NHL, so can be a great kit to buy as a gift for the special people in your life who are into street hockey.

7. CCM Street Goalie Equipment Kit

CCM Street Goalie Equipment Kit

This equipment kit is a great way to get kids outside and play hockey. This 4-piece set includes leg pads, a chest protector, and a catch glove. This is a good starter kit for young goalies who want to improve their skills. If you’re looking to get your child started in the sport, this is an ideal option.

8. Elite Hockey Carey Price Street Goal Kit


Elite Hockey Carey Price Street Goal KitThis is one of the best street hockey goalie kits for the price and quality of the products. It features a Pre-Flex set of goalie pads, a blocker, and a glove. The leg guards have an easy-to-adjust lock mechanism for a secure fit on the legs. Featuring unique synthetic leather construction for ultimate durability. Therefore, it’s perfect for both street hockey and serious competition.

9. Brian’s Deluxe Street Hockey Goalie Set

Brian's Deluxe Street Hockey Goalie Set

It comes with a full glove blocker, a deep-catch style trapper, and a reliable chest protector. The mask has a slick, durable design for a professional look. This box set is a must-have for any budding goalie. While the gear is a little on the small side, it’s still a great buy for kids.

10. Road Warrior 22″ Street Hockey Goal Set

Road Warrior 22″ Street Hockey Goal Set

If you’re looking for a complete, affordable, yet good goalie set, look no further than the Road Warrior 22″ Goalkeeper set. It’s suitable for younger street hockey players, and the leg pads feature a high-density foam body and deep leg channels for protection. In addition, they have an adjustable strap for a secure fit. Other than the goalie pads, this set also includes a goalie mask, chest protector, and blocker.

Final Words

If you have gone through the list thoroughly, then we may expect that you have found the right goalie kit that can meet your budget and game requirements. Again, most street hockey goalie sets consist of a blocking pad, catch glove, and leg pads and are typically made of one piece of foam that has a knee cradle for easy adjustment.

These goalie sets are inexpensive and very basic, but the best ones are designed to be comfortable and protect your knees and shins. They are designed to fit your specific body shape and size and are available in both junior and adult sizes. Whether you are a beginner or have played the game for years, there is a complete street hockey goalie set for you.

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