If you want to protect the blade of your hockey stick from dents and dings, you should consider buying a proper stick blade protector. This type of protection will keep your blade in good shape and can be used on a variety of surfaces, including ice. They are usually formulated using high-grade plastic materials, allowing you to cut them to any desired size with scissors. In this guide, we have picked up the top 5 hockey stick blade protector that offers great protection while still allowing maximum flexibility and durability.

Hockey Stick Blade Protector1. Hockey Stick Blade Wrap Around Protector

Hockey Stick Blade Wrap Around Saver

This is an excellent option for safeguarding the blade of your hockey stick. It allows you to use costly composite hockey sticks off the rink without having to worry about them tearing or breaking. The¬†blade cover protects your hockey stick’s blade against delamination and other damages. A wrap-around hockey stick blade cover can endure the pressures of playing, passing, and shooting. There are several advantages of these blade covers.

2. Hockey Stick Blade Saver

Hockey Stick Blade Saver


The Blade Saver is another great accessory for protecting your sticks. Outdoor surfaces are particularly tough on the blades, and wearing them down is a major issue. This hard plastic tube fits over the bottom of your blade and is thin and lightweight. It fits snugly over the blade and can be secured using hockey tape. Depending on the surface you play on, you may need to replace the Blade Saver periodically.

3. BladeTape Hockey ProtectorBladeTape Stick Sever

Contact with outdoor surfaces can cause a hockey stick to wearing out quickly. This is where this useful stick tool comes in. It’s a thin, tough plastic tube that fits over the blade of a hockey stick. You can also use hockey tape to secure it further, but this product is expensive, so you should consider getting both. Using one of these will improve the performance and feel of your stick on the ice. They’re available in two colors: black and clear white, and they come in a three-piece pack.

4. A&R Sports Hockey Stick Vault

A&R Sports Stick Vault

This is a unique storage solution for two hockey sticks that keep them safe and together while traveling. Unlike traditional stick cases, this one protects surfaces from tape and secures both sticks halfway up the shaft. This storage solution is designed to keep hockey sticks dry and safe, with a heavy-duty zipper and secure Velcro latch. When the tape gets wet, the vent holes on the hockey stick vault help release moisture.

5. BladeSaver Hockey Stick Blade Protector

BladeSaver Hockey Stick Blade Protector

It’s another inexpensive but effective protective hockey stick accessory. The pink one is simple to install and is ideal for protecting your ice hockey blade while playing. The tough bandage will shield your blade from scratches and damage. It will also prevent the ice from being scratched by the stick blade. There are numerous other types of hockey stick blade protectors on the market, and it’s critical to select one that matches your style and budget.


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