If you play hockey, you know how important it is to have comfortable skates. It can cause painful areas to become inflamed and make you unable to play. In order to avoid this, it is best to invest in the right kind of hockey skate insoles. You should look for models that are durable and offer the highest comfort and support. Also, you should consider your budget when buying ice or roller hockey skate insoles. A mid-foot shock dome insole is a great choice, as it cradles your foot for maximum support. There are more options we have listed down that you can go with full confidence.

Best Hockey Skate Insoles & Inserts

Top Hockey Skate Footbeds

SuperfeetSynthetic FoamHeel CupYellow2-12See Price
CurrexFoamHigh ArchBlue/Black1- 11.5See Price
ProguardSyntheticCut To FitBlue4-13See Price
EASYFEETPolyuretane Foam, GelArch SupportGreen6.5-14.5See Price
IcebugNylonHigh ArchBlue4-13See Price
CCMSynthetic FoamHigh ArchBlack6See Price
BasmileMesh Fabric, FoamMid ArchBlue2-15See Price
KidSoleNylon, FoamMid ArchBlack2-11See Price
PCSsoleSynthetic FoamArch SupportBlue4-13See Price
BauerMesh Fabric, FoamCut To FitBlue3-12See Price

1. Superfeet Unisex Pro Hockey Insoles

Superfeet Unisex Pro Hockey Insoles

The carbon skate insoles are designed for the ultimate speed and agility. They deliver way better acceleration on ice and improve edge control, comfort, and energy transfer as compared to typical shoe inserts. Additionally, they help reduce friction between the skate and the player’s foot, making them ideal for hard stops and tight turns. Made in the USA, it incorporates a unique Evolyte carbon fiber stabilizer cap and features Flybridge Technology to absorb vibration.

2. Currex HOCKEYPRO Skate Insoles

Currex HOCKEYPRO Skate Insoles

The Currex insoles are one of the top-quality skate insoles available on the market. Particularly designed to transfer maximum power from your skate blades to your foot. They provide superior sensory feedback, which helps you control the power and edge efficiently. With hundreds of positive reviews from satisfied customers, it’s clear that these insoles are the best.

3. Proguard Hockey Skate Insole Inserts

Proguard Hockey Skate Insole Inserts

Developed for the extreme comfort and support of ice hockey skates, Proguard hockey skate inserts are the world’s lightest and most comfortable insoles. The design of the insoles is non-restrictive and ultra-light, allowing you to move freely and easily and providing an unrivaled fit. Additionally, these insoles are made with durable materials that provide maximum durability.

4. EASYFEET Plantar Fasciitis Hockey Footbeds

EASYFEET Plantar Fasciitis Hockey Insoles

These insoles have a hard arch design that directly supports the arch, boasting a thin memory foam cushion in the forefoot section for maximum comfort. They help the foot keep proper alignment and reduce pressure, thereby reducing muscle fatigue and pain.

5. Icebug Cushion Support Hockey Insoles

Icebug Cushion Support Skate Footbeds

The Icebug insole is constructed for the heel, where it can be placed for increased shock absorption. It comes in three sizes to accommodate different arches, from flat to high. Available in a variety of colors to match your shoe. You can choose the color that best matches your personal style, or you can customize the design by trimming the insole to fit your shoe.

6. CCM Custom Support Hockey Skate Insole

CCM Custom Support Skate Inserts

The new CCM hockey skate insole is the perfect choice for hockey players with high arches. Powered by CurrexSole technology, these insoles are engineered to adapt to your unique foot shape. You can choose between a low, medium, and high arch insole, depending on how much arch you have. The mid-arched option is for hockey players with flat feet, while the high-arch version is for players with high arches.

7. Basmile Orthotic Hockey Shoe Footbeds

Basmile Orthotic Hockey Shoe Insoles

Hockey players are more prone to ankle strains as they have to move constantly here and there on the field or on the ice rink. This is due to the inflexibility of hockey footwear. In addition to avoiding injury, these high-quality insoles can also help the feet absorb shock from impacts. The cushioning properties of the insoles provide a high level of comfort and support in these high-impact areas. This translates into better overall performance and enhanced athletic performance.

8. KidSole Reinforced Arch Hockey Insole

KidSole Reinforced Arch Hockey Footbed

The unique reinforced hockey inserts are a good fit for the average kid’s skate. Their arch support design makes them suitable for all types of skates, regardless of whether they are used for street, field, roller, or ice hockey. The cushioned footbeds are compatible with hard as well as soft-soled skates. Also, these insoles have a durable and comfortable design and can be easily removed and washed.

9. PCSSOLE Orthotic Hockey Skate Insoles

PCSSOLE Orthotic Hockey Skate Insoles

Whether you’re a hockey player, a figure skater, or just an everyday person with flat feet, these insole inserts are excellent for arch support. Not only do they provide added support, but they also prevent foot fatigue and shin splints. Those with flat feet often experience pain and discomfort when standing or skating. They must try these affordable, composite, and comfortable shoe insoles.

10. Bauer Speed Plate Hockey Skate Insole

Bauer Speed Plate Hockey Skate Insoles

The Bauer skate footbeds are recommended for any junior hockey skater. They are crafted from a soft yet composite material and have a thicker foam layer to increase comfort. These insoles are designed for maximum speed and power. They also help you keep your balance and provide the necessary support for optimal agility and acceleration. These insoles are molded for a perfect fit and are remolded when needed.


There you have our brief review of the best hockey skate insoles that are made for kids, men, and women. All the options are designed to absorb the maximum shock during skating. Also, there are skate footbeds that have low, mid, and high heel arch support to reduce pressure on the plantar fascia. So, whichever you choose out of these shoe insoles, you will never regret your buying decision.


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