To play fearless hockey, you must have to wear all protective gear like shin guards, elbow pads, hockey jocks, etc. In this guide, we are going to introduce you to another important piece of hockey protective equipment “Hockey Face Shields”. It helps a player to prevent any sudden face injuries that may happen due to collision or falling down on the ice rink. In some cases, it comes along with a hockey helmet but most of the time, you need to buy it separately. It doesn’t hard to find as just a few options are available on the market that we have put together here.

Best Hockey Face Shields

Top Hockey Face Shields

1. Tron S920 Full Face Shield Set

Tron Hockey Face Shield

This Tron S920 comes in a combo face shield plus cage to cover the full face area. Its glass visor is crafted with durable polycarbonate material and coated with an antifog layer to have a flawless crystal clear view. The lower cage is also designed for ultimate protection around the mouth, nose, and jaw areas. Moreover, there is a soft adjustable vulcanized chin cup to not hit the cage with your chin. It is officially approved by HECC to use in professional leagues and tournaments.

2. Ronin Mk5 Hockey Full Face Shield

Ronin Hockey Face Shield

A great all-rounder in terms of performance and protection as it is designed to fit on almost all sizes and shapes of hockey helmets. It features a vented visor for continuous airflow to gain maximum breathability and great vision all around in the surroundings. Ideal to stop oncoming pucks due to missed slap shot by a player. A little chin cap is there to protect your chin from hard-hitting to the cage. Overall a nice face mask that we will recommend everyone to buy at this reasonable price.

3. Bauer Concept III Senior Hockey Face Shield

Bauer Full Face Shield

This Bauer’s face shield is pretty composite as its upper visor shield is made of premium polycarbonate with a fog-resistant finish. The lower case also consists of polycarbonate instead of steel which is enough hard to tackle any uncertain impending objects efficiently. In short, it rightly fits on all standard hockey helmets, visibility is just amazing and comes with a helmet bag that usually you do not get with any other option.

4. Avision Ahead AVH-2 Junior Hockey Face Mask

Avision Ahead Face Shield

The AVH-2 hockey face mask features a two-piece construction so offers you the parts replacement option. It has a scratch-free lens that is fully backed by an anti-moisture coating to let the player perform seamlessly on the ice rink. Both the visor and cage consist of polycarbonate which makes them lightweight without compromising the quality and performance. It adjusts on most Bauer, CCM, Warrior, and other popular brands’ hockey helmets quite comfortably. You can use it at any level of hockey play as it is approved by CSA and HECC.

5. MonkeyJack Ice Hockey Face Shield

MonkeyJack Face Shield

Lastly, we have a hockey face shield by MonkeyJack. It has a one-piece design that features a high-impact scratch and mist-resistant visor to see through clearly even in extreme fog conditions. The steel case is not an exception to the other options given above but still gives players confidence to play fearlessly. Its patent durable A3 steel chin guard offers great protection against any mishandled situation during the game. It comes along with all the necessary mounting hardware.


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