Whether you skate professionally or just for fun, you need to find the best figure skate guards to keep your blade safe. Figure skate blades are usually made of metal and can be pretty strong, but they are also extremely sensitive. Therefore, it’s important to use a guard to protect your blades from abrasions and other accidents. Listed below are the best guards for your figure skating needs.

Best Figure Skate Guards

1. Guardog Figure Skate Guards

Guardog Figure Skate Guards

A well-known brand makes excellent figure skate guards. High-quality materials provide great durability and long-term performance. Using them will protect your blades from being damaged or dulled by non-ice surfaces. Because they are simple to take off, they won’t get in while you are training or competing with the opponents. And most of all, they’ll maintain your skates in great form and prevent them from buckling up and down. Available in an abundance of wonderful color combinations.

2. Proguard Deluxe Skate Protector

Proguard Deluxe Figure Skate Guards

Your figure skates will be protected from abuse that might be caused by non-ice surfaces by the Proguard skate covers. Plastic is used in their construction, and most of the models have springs to help hold them in place. These protectors shield the skate blade from corrosion, chipping, and ordinary wear and tear that might occur over time. They can be removed without much effort and are adaptable to a variety of figure skates. Because they are so lightweight, you won’t have any trouble putting them on and off.

3. A&R Sports Figure Skate Guard

A&R Sports Skating Protector

These bad boys protect your skate blades when walking off the ice. They come with drain holes that can absorb any extra moisture, in addition to a strap that can be adjusted to fit all sizes. You have access to a wide selection of designs and colors, allowing you to find the perfect match for the way you skate. Skating with confidence for many more seasons to come is possible with the aid of these cool figure skateguards. In addition to that, they will ensure that your blades continue to appear sharp!

4. Zerone Figure Skating Guard

Zerone Figure Skating Guard

Designed to be fully adjustable, which is different from many other figure skating guards. They are made of solid material and can be adjusted to fit both figure skates and hockey skates. These guards come with a step-by-step instruction manual that makes assembly a breeze. They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are very cheap. They keep your feet safe from bumps and dirt and help you walk in a smooth way. The best part is that they are easy to take off and clean. You can wash them each time you use them. A good deal for the price.

5. B Baosity Figure Skate Covers

B Baosity Figure Skate Covers

The skate guards will protect your boots from the ground and delay the dulling of the blades. They also provide a barrier between the skate blade and the ground. Many competitors use them after the performance when they don’t have time to take off their skates. This will help them keep their skates looking good. The skate guards are designed with the user in mind. If you have a hard-core competitive streak, the B Baosity skate cover is the perfect accessory.


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