In this review, we’re going to check out the next generation of CCM resistance hockey helmets called the CCM Tacks 310 helmet.

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CCM Tacks 310 Hockey Helmet


Just like what we see in the Resistance line, this also has a two-piece adjustable shell. It’s a kind of single-tool feature on the back so they’re going to click it up. This allows you to expand and contract the whole back of the helmet. Therefore, it gives you a better occipital lock and it also gives you more than just a single linear change in size.


Into the liner: this is going to be a nice update from the Resistance line again so we have a traditional VN foam liner base. It gets into dual-density layering once you see it in the back and then also through the top of the head.

This yellow density foam is going to be a little bit harder so that’s going to give you better impact protection, which is why they used it in the back of the helmet and then a little bit softer up top, giving you that awesome traditional fit and feel with modern-day protection.

Eye Cushion

A big update is going to be on their eye cushion topping. Now it has almost a gel-like feel to it so it gives an even better fit because it really helps to mold around your head and lock it in. What we like about it is just how soft it is. The memory foam-like gel-like hybrid feels extremely comfortable.

It has some moisture channels through the front too so if you sweat a lot, it kind of helps to direct the sweat away from your eyes making it a little more comfortable out there.

Foam Pods

Lastly, we have D30 light foam pods in the temple area. This is some of the most advanced protective foam that they offer and they use it in such a key location.

You can see down deep how well-ventilated it is, making it ideal for hockey players who sweat a lot. We really like the Resistance helmet and are glad to see that they brought it over here to keep it cool through the game.

Fit Profile

The CCM Tacks 310 helmet is going to be more of a round shape instead of maybe an oblong like you would find them in a 3DS FitLite helmet.


It also comes in a cage combo with their new FM 680 cage, which has a thin, flat wire design for optimal eyesight.

Chin Cup

Lastly, it does have a dual-density chin cup. It’s a nice hit of chrome on the front for those awesome looks but more importantly, it’s going to give you that nice little protection as well as comfort.

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