In this review, we’re going to be checking out the next generation of CCM resistance helmets called the Tacks. This is a top-line model called the CCM Tacks 710 hockey helmet.

CCM Tacks 710 Helmet Review

CCM Tacks 710 Hockey Helmet


It has a two-piece shell construction and a single tool adjustment feature. The thing we like about this is that unlike some of the linear adjustment systems, this gives you a full change in size from the back of the head, so it really helps to lock down on the occipital bone on the back of the head so you get that great fit and lock.


Into the liner, we see some great upgrades from what we see in the Resistance line. The first one is what they call their eye cushion system, which is going to be a top layer of foam. It’s an open-cell construction, and it has a sealing layer on it.

Basically, this is a kind of gel memory foam, so it really helps the helmet mold to your head, giving you that great lock kind of working with the adjustment system. But the comfort level on this thing is just unreal. Just think of the VN foam taken to the next level with just a nice layer of gel or foam on it.

Air Vents

The CCM Tacks 710 hockey helmet does have some moisture channels. This helps keep the moisture away from your eyes, so if you sweat more often while playing hockey, you get hot out there. This is a great feature in half because it’s never fun to get sweat in the eyes.

D30 Lite Foam Pods

They use their D30 Lite foam pods in this helmet. We have 9 of these things instead of 2, as we find in the 310 Tacks hockey helmet. You have a big piece right in the center of the head again for those big checks where you can’t really catch yourself and you’re landing straight on the back of your head. And then you have two more pods on each side of the temple, and then two more down through the center as well.

The cool thing that we’re seeing this year is that these D30 pods are sitting on top of the CC and bladder system, so you’re getting protection from key technologies for not just high and low impacts but also rotational impacts, so everything is working to make sure that you are as well protected as possible out there.

Fit Profile

As far as the fit type goes, just like the Resistance, we can have more of a round shape rather than an oval like the 3DS helmet.


This year, it’s coming in a cage combo with their new cage called the FM680, which has a very similar flat-wire design to it.

Chin Cup

It comes in with a dual-density chin cub that has a cool kind of chrome graphic on the front, which adds a little pop out there.

Shock-absorbing Clips

This CCM Tacks 710 helmet also comes with shock-absorbing top clips. So if you take the puck a slash off, the facemask helps to dampen a little bit of that impact energy.

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