A street hockey helmet assures safe play for hockey players without the fear of any sudden head and mouth injuries. Since there are a couple of brands out there in the market which are offering similar look-like products but with different qualities and price tags. So sometimes, it may become hard to pick up the right equipment. If you are looking for the best street hockey helmets, we can help you out in finding the best one that fits you perfectly according to your budget and performance-wise.

Street Hockey Helmets

Top Street Hockey Helmets

Helmet Brand/ModelWeight (lbs)ColorSizePrice
Bauer Prodigy Helmet2.2BlackYouthSee Price
Mylec Sr. Helmet2White/BlackSeniorSee Price
CCM FL3DS Fitlite3BlackYouthSee Price

1. Bauer Prodigy Street Hockey Helmet

Bauer Prodigy Street Hockey Helmet

The Bauer Prodigy helmet is a perfect piece of hockey protective equipment to buy for junior and youth hockey players. The liner is backed by dual-density foam for ultimate comfort and a snug fit. There is an easy-to-open and close strap buckle. Two-piece design offers a customized fit so ideally fits all head sizes and shapes. It allows the players hassle-free setting up a face mask when they need them due to its quick-release snap mechanism. It has a dual ridge crown facemask that ensures maximum protection.

2. Mylec Sr. Street Hockey Helmet

Mylec Sr. Street Hockey Helmet


Mylec has been launching top-quality hockey products for years and this Mylec hockey helmet is a good example. Equipped with a sturdy wire cage and chin cup padded with high-density foam to ensure maximum protection. It has a simple slide adjustment feature for a quick fit. Overall, it’s lightweight yet features durable construction and offers good protection against any sudden face and head injury. Players who want a clear outward vision must have this easy-to-wear equipment. You probably will not get a better option than this street hockey helmet for such a low price.

3. CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet

CCM Fl3ds Youth Hockey Helmet

The 3rd on the list is the CCM FitLite helmet that’s great for adult players and intermediate-level hockey play. This particular model has a J-clip and top-clip system to make easy adjustments with the cage for better fit and visibility. Also, the cage is supported by quick-release straps and chin buckles to allow the juniors an effortless setup. A compact face mask protects the face from pucks and sticks while playing. The CCM took one step forward by incorporating extra-thick dual-density foam in this street hockey helmet for the highest comfort zone preventing uneven impacts.

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