Figure skating is a fun activity that’s performed on the ice alone or along with a partner. So if you wanna wish him a birthday gift a pair of figure skates or just to buy for any casual day, we have put together the 5 best men’s figure skates that he will appreciate receiving. Also, check out the best ice hockey skates.

Men's Figure Skates

Top Men’s Figure Skates

Brand/ModelMain Material UsedColorShoe SizePrice
Jackson Ultima ClasicueVinylBlack8-13See Price
Riedell 110 Opal SkatesVinylBlack/White4-13See Price
American Athletic SkateFaux LeatherBlack5-13See Price
Botas - DavidLeatherBlack4.5-13See Price
Lake Placid CascadeSyntheticBlack5-13See Price

1. Jackson Ultima Clasicue Figure Ice Skates

Jackson Ultima Clasicue Men's Figure Ice Skates

Jackson ultima is one of the popular skates brands that you can trust blindly. This Classic men’s figure skate is the evidence of their quality products. Its reinforced construction gives enough room to release the loaded pressure making the foot more comfortable on the ice. The extended lacing area helps easy wrap. They use vinyl material in the upper portion to achieve maximum strength and durability. There is rolled foam padded lining in the boot ankle area for extra protection. The front of the blade is riveted to have a more secure drive on ice.

2. Riedell Men Figure Ice Skate

Riedell Men's Figure Skates

The excellent skate makes a man moves freely on the ice providing lightweight support. Its unique split tongue design offers added cushion and flexibility to the foot. The use of vinyl material in its construction is great for long time performance. It’s as easy to lace up the skates as counting the numbers. There is foam quarter padding to protect the foot from moisture and uninterrupted skating. Its suede lining is an advantage to wear shoes for hours without any issue. Sharp blades allow you to have full control over the ice to enjoy the skating. Available in two colors and white and black.

3. American Athletic Senior Figure Skate For Men

American Athletic Men's Figure Skates

In case if you are restricted to a limited budget, go with this cheap yet quality men’s figure skate from the American Athletic brand. The main material used is PVC that’s highly durable and waterproof. It has a tricot lining finish throughout the boot to let a person have the maximum comfort zone. Its upper foam padded tongue prevents lace biting. The multi-layered ankle gives extra protection against sudden foot bends. What makes it more worth buying skate is the nickel-plated stainless steel blade that never gets rusty and remains sharp even after years of abuse. Available for foot sizes 8-13.

4. Botas Junior Figure Ice Skates

Botas Men's Figure Skates

You can’t overlook this special edition of men’s figure ice skates by Botas. A thick leather construction makes the shoe extremely durable and resistant to water. In the interior, they incorporate laminated lining for the ultimate performance on the ice. These are backed by quality ankle support to prevent a skater’s ankles from bending in and as a result making him capable of stopping and turning around more confidently. Looking at its bottom, the plastic outsole holds the blade securely so it doesn’t break out even on rough use. Ideal for adult and intermediate figure skaters.

5. Lake Placid Cascade Men’s Skates

Lake Placid Cascade Men's Figure Skates

Anyone looking for a solid figure skate must give a try to this Lake Placid figure skate for men. In the upper exterior part, they use synthetic material that’s pretty strong and waterproof. It has a traditional lacing with easy to put on/off mechanism. It’s as good in ankle support as we reviewed the above expensive skates. When it comes to the blade, it stands out of the crowd with corrosion-free stainless steel construction and allowing a player to have a smooth glide upon applying a little force. Sizes range from 5-13. Best suitable for training sessions and recreational skating. Overall, it’s a nice skate for the price available.


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