When looking for the best hockey neck guards, it’s important to choose the right one to protect the most delicate parts of the neck from impact. While some neck guards can protect from cuts and grazes, they cannot prevent a puck from breaking a hockey player’s larynx. Also, it’s necessary to consider the size and the style of the neck guard before purchasing. The ideal neck pads will provide adequate coverage against impact and provide recommended cut protection. Listed here are the top 6 hockey neck protectors that you can rely on.

Hockey Neck Guards

Best Ice Hockey Neck Guards

BrandMaterialSizeDimensions (LxWxH)Price
Shock Doctor UltraPlasticJr/Sr5 x 3 x 1See Price
PowerTek V5.0 TEKNylonYth/Jr/Sr8.5 - 17See Price
CCM RBZ 100Polyester/FoamYth10.2 x 8.3 x 1.6See Price
Bauer NG NLP7Reinforced NylonYth9.5 x 4.4 x 1.6See Price
Proguard Neck GuardTerryCloth/NylonYth9.6 x 4.7 x 1.1See Price
A&R SportsBallistic NylonSr12 x 8 x 1See Price

1. Shock Doctor Hockey Neck Guard

Shock Doctor Hockey Neck Guard

This is a great neck protector that’s lightweight, flexible, and anatomically shaped. An adjustable hook and loop closure and a Kevlar core make this neck guard BNQ-certified. It’s designed to prevent injury to your neck from skate blades and pucks during playing hockey. Its D30 foam insert offers impact and cut resistance. Also, it has a moisture-wicking material to keep your neck and face cool and comfortable. This is one of the most versatile pieces of athletic protection on the market.

2. PowerTek V5.0 Ice Hockey Neck Guard

PowerTek V5.0 Ice Hockey Neck Guard

Designed for maximum protection against neck injuries, the PowerTek neck guard provides superior cut and impact resistance. Its high-neck collar and bib allow it to fit comfortably and tuck under shoulder pads for added coverage. And, it’s incredibly comfortable to wear, thanks to its soft interior material and adjustable closure system. It’s lightweight, too, which makes it a good value for the money.

3. CCM RBZ 100 Youth Neck Guard

CCM RBZ 100 Youth Neck Guard

The CCM RBZ 100 is a great choice for junior and senior players alike. Made of durable 1680D polyester and foam material, this neck guard will protect your neck from cuts and scrapes on the ice. It will also protect your head and neck from any helmet buckles you may get during an intense game of hockey. Also included is an interior layer of terry cloth to prevent skin from chafing and rubbing against other surfaces. Featuring an adjustable velcro strap for a comfortable fit. BNQ certification means it will be a good choice for safeguarding your neck and head in the event of a fall.

4. Bauer NG NLP7 Hockey Neck Protector

Bauer NG NLP7 Hockey Neck Guard

Designed to protect the neck from skate blade injuries, this Bauer youth neck guard is a sturdy and adaptable collar. This collar is made of reinforced polyester and has a moisture-management system for enhanced safety. It’s approved by CE for further peace of mind. A comfortable, adjustable design makes it simple to find a suitable fit for even the tiniest of necks. It is pleasant to wear because of the cushioned interior and Thermo Max+ lining, which helps to avoid discomfort.

5. Proguard Youth Neck Guard

Proguard Youth Neck Guard

The Proguard hockey neck protector is one of the most effective pieces of neck protective gear now available on the market. When it comes to neck protection, many players argue that their models are acceptable, but the fact is that certain models are barely adequate in some cases. Despite the fact that ballistic nylon is very difficult to cut, it only provides modest protection. It’s securely wrapped around the neck.

6. A&R Sports Hockey Neck Guard

A&R Sports Hockey Neck Guard

If you play ice hockey, you’ll definitely want to consider buying an A&R Sports neck shield to protect your neck. These protective neck braces are composed of ballistic nylon, which helps to reduce the danger of lacerations from sharp skate blades when skating. Available in three sizes and has Velcro straps that can be adjusted to provide a comfortable fit around your head and neck. Ballistic nylon is a tough and long-lasting material that helps to minimize the chance of lacerations developing.

Choosing Best Hockey Neck Guards

Following are some of the key factors that you should look into before buying this crucial piece of hockey protective gear.


There are many options available for Hockey Neck Guard Material. Choose one that will protect your neck and face from the elements. This protective gear is made of tough, but soft material. Ballistic nylon is the most durable material to use, but there are also soft interiors, like terry-cloth. If you’re sensitive to the feeling of terry-cloth against your neck, a wicking material would be better for you.


They typically come in two different styles. One of them just features a regular collar design while the other is backed by bibs. The collar one is a relatively cheaper option that offers limited protection to just the neck area. In contrast to that, its bibs version is designed to cover the larger area around the neck against the sudden puck, stick, and sharp skate blade injuries.


When purchasing your hockey equipment, you need to find comfortable hockey neck protectors. An ideal hockey neck guard features a padded foam construction to deliver an ultimate level of comfort to the players. Also, it’s equipped with a liner inside that prevents chaffing and skin irritation under wet conditions.


A hockey neck guard should fit snugly. However, if the neck guard is too loose, you may find yourself adjusting the straps or even rubbing the neck when playing. A tight neck guard can cause pain and discomfort and could potentially make you fall during a game. A tight neck guard can reduce mobility, so you should consider the size of your head before making a purchase.


In terms of price, a hockey neck guard may cost you from as little as $10 to $150 bucks depending on your budget. The more you pay the price, the more you get the quality comfort, protection, and long-run performance.


Weight is another important factor of hockey neck guards that plays a vital role that how you are going to perform and protect throughout the game. If it’s lightweight, you will feel more comfortable but less protected. A weighted one can be tougher and provide better protection but may be out of order due to sweat and ultimately lead to discomfort.

Final Words

Our quick analysis of the best hockey neck protectors comes to an end with this statement: When purchasing a neck guard, keep in mind that it should fit tightly and comfortably around your neck. Whenever you’re looking for neck guards for your kid, be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to measure their neck. The cushioning should be thick and breathable, and it should include a strap that can be adjusted to ensure that it fits exactly all around the neck of the hockey player. Finally, the cushioning should be adjustable, which will make it more convenient for players of various heights and sizes.

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