Investing in a proper hockey rack is not only good for drying your equipment but also acts as a showcase for your gear. Usually, their design is made to be functional and efficient, and they can also be moved around easily. Some racks are even mobile, which makes them hassle-free to store and move. Here are some of the best hockey drying racks for protecting your expensive equipment, such as hockey sticks, skates, gloves, helmets, etc., from wet conditions when not in use.

Best Hockey Drying Racks For Equipment

Top Hockey Equipment Drying Racks

BrandMade OfTypeWeightPrice
UTTYMetal, NylonHook Hanger0.33See Price
Rocket SportAluminum, PolyurethaneFreestanding6.6See Price
WraparoundMetal, AluminumWall Mount10See Price
DryNGoSteel, PolyethyleneWall Mount2.53See Price
CáphelingMetal, NylonHook Hanger10.3See Price
WinnwellChromeFreestanding5See Price
GenericAluminumWall Mount7.83See Price
INATSUNNYAluminumWall Mount3.3See Price

1. UTTY Portable Hockey Drying Rack

UTTY Portable Hockey Drying Rack

If you play hockey, you know that you need a place to hang your hockey gear. Luckily, the UTTY multipurpose hockey drying stand will save you the trouble. You can store your equipment at home or in a hotel closet without sacrificing space. And the rack is portable, so you can bring it with you wherever you go. Unlike other drying racks, the UTTY weighs less than five pounds and fits in the palm of your hand. It features six two-prong equipment hooks and a hanging gear strap.

2. Rocket Sports Equipment Dryer

Rocket Sport Equipment Dryer

It’s a handy tool for anyone who wants to dry their wet sports equipment quickly and easily. By using a combination of heat and air, it can dry your hockey gear within one hour. This machine is very effective for drying a variety of sports gear and will help you avoid wasting money on expensive repairs.

3. Wraparound Hockey Drying Rack

This freestanding rack features metal clips on the ends and is perfect for hanging all types of hockey equipment. These clips are sturdy and can hold various items. You can even store your gear on it without having to worry about it falling off. The rack is lightweight, so it can easily fit anywhere. Its adjustable height makes it ideal for all sizes of equipment.

4. DryNGo Hockey Sports Drying Hanger

DryNGo Sports Drying Hanger

An amazing rack that allows you to quickly dry your hockey gear while keeping everything neat and organized These products are made with durable PVC piping and can be installed in any size and shape of space without the need for any tools. And, unlike other drying racks, they can be easily adjusted to fit new equipment and a fresh configuration.

5. Cpheling Hockey Gear Drying Stand

Cpheling Hockey Gear Drying Stand

This super portable drying hanger is a must for hockey players. A large, traditional equipment drying stand can take up to three feet of space. The lightweight, compact dryer allows for easy storage of multiple pieces of hockey equipment. This convenient dryer is perfect for any ice rink or home. It’s sanitary and clean, making it a great choice for players of all ages.

6. Winnwell Equipment Dry Rack

Winnwell Equipment Dry Rack

The Winnwell rack is a convenient and affordable way to dry your hockey products. It allows your gear to hang out until it’s dry. The sturdy metal construction makes this the perfect choice for a gym or small home as well. Also, it’s easy to assemble and disassemble. It also has six bars, making it suitable for all sizes of equipment.

7. Generic Hockey Drying Rack

Generic Hockey Drying Rack

This is a recommended way to store all of your pads and other hockey equipment in a safe and organized manner. Because hockey players sweat heavily, their pads and other items get very wet and start to accumulate bacteria. These bacteria thrive in dark, moist, and hot environments. A drying rack is ideal for keeping your hockey gear in a clean and sanitary condition. It’s available for just $15—the cheapest one on our list!

8. Inatsunny Hockey Drying Hanger

Inatsunny Hockey Drying Rack

This hockey equipment rack folds flat for simple storage and can be used in any congested place. Its arms and hooks swing out from the front and sides, allowing you to dry many items with the same device. It also has plenty of hooks for hanging your clothes. This product is ideal for people who do not have a lot of counter space.

Final Words

There you have our top picks for hockey gear drying racks. Again, keep in mind that the size of your drying rack should be appropriate for the number of items you plan to dry. Some hockey equipment can be extremely bulky, so be sure to get one that can hold all of your hockey accessories. There are options that can hold up to six hundred pounds. These are best for smaller and medium-sized players. Larger players may need more space than smaller players. Moreover, they need a drying rack that can hold a large quantity of clothing.

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