Whether you are looking for hockey sticks for beginner or professional players, you will find here the best hockey sticks on the market including sticks for defensemen, forwarders, midfielders for playing slap shots, and more. The below list is a combination of high-end craftsmanship, intermediate-level play, and also includes a few inexpensive options for part-timers.

best hockey sticks

Top Hockey Sticks

1. STX Surgeon Rx 2 Hockey Stick

STX Ice Hockey Surgeon Rx 2

The STX R2 is a versatile hockey stick that comes in different sizes and orientation types to entertain all the players regardless of the level of play. It is available in “junior, youth, intermediate and senior” versions with left and right stick handling options. Also, various flex options are there including “45, 60, 75, 85 & 100” for improved agility and response level. Its ergonomic shaft maximizes load capacity to have better control over the stick. In short, one of the most flexible and durable sticks with the highest balance points to feel the real shooting power.

2. EPIC P92 Senior Ice Hockey Stick

EPIC Senior Ice Stick

This EPIC P92 hockey stick is a limited edition that features a one-piece construction using 18K carbon fiber material to make it ultra-lightweight even not compromising on durability and performance. It has a 65-inch long shaft grip along with concave rounded sidewalls to offer a player a true puck feel. The 85 flex point is a great addition to having controlled shooting abilities. No matter if you are left or right-handed, it is available in both left and right-hand orientations so you will not miss enjoying the game with this awesome senior hockey stick. It is backed by the manufacturer’s 60 days money-back guarantee.

3. Bauer Vapor X600 LITE Hockey Stick

Bauer Intermediate Stick

This vapor 600 is the result of the infusion of shaft and blade together so ideal for intermediate-level play. It has a slender taper with a low kick point for rapid shot releases. Its shaft is made of carbon fiber and fiberglass with an additional layer of R1 resin material for enhanced durability and performance. In the middle of the blade, Bauer’s special bridge core technology improves the overall stability. Moreover, the blade is wrapped with a basket weave for extra compactibility.

4. True XC9 Hockey Stick

True Mini Hockey Stick

The True XC9 stick has a matte finish blade and shaft so looks really great. Specially designed for the shooters to obtain the maximum accuracy rate and nice feel. They use new Xcore technology that has the more spin ratio of the puck on contact than a normal hockey stick for pinpoint accuracy when passing. Also, there is Braided Rib Technology incorporated to enhance the life of the blade. Its smart flex optimizes the stiffness throughout the blade for balanced control over the stick.

5. CCM P19 ABS Senior Hockey Stick

CCM Senior Hockey

All-purpose sticks to play on any rough surface like asphalt, ice, or green fields. In this particular hockey stick, CCM incorporated a two-piece design and jointed an ABS blade on the wooden shaft for extra durability. Its mid-kick point offers great power to push the puck having a classic feel in the hands. There is a clear coating on the grip for smooth and skid-free stick handling.

6. Bauer Prodigy 38′ Youth Hockey Stick

Bauer Prodigy Youth Hockey Stick

One of the best hockey sticks on the list for young players to learn quick useful hockey skills at any place like in a professional ice rink, the house backyard floor, or rough street concrete surface. Its moderate flex system helps you to move the stick freely with more power and pinpoint accuracy. The end cap technology is unique in this stick that allows a player to extend or contract the length of the handle accordingly where they feel comfortable. There are printed instructions on the stick to tape it rightly for increased performance.

7. Mylec Senior Total Hockey Stick

Mylec Senior Hockey Sticks

Another fine all-rounder option for playing all types of hockey without limiting the joy of the game. It is crafted with quality material to prevent cracks upon hitting rugged and uneven surfaces.  It is 58 inches long and features a quality ABS wood blade that uses AZDEL thermoplastic material for increased durability and overall performance. Its simple shaft design offers a tight grip for stickhandling efficiently.

8. Warrior QRE Mini Hockey Stick

Warrior QRE

This specific model of Warrior hockey is smaller in size as compared to a standard ice hockey stick. As it has one-piece construction so pretty lightweight yet more sturdy. Also featuring beautiful graphics that make it stand out in the competition. Ideal for indoor and knee hockey tournaments.

9. CCM Super Tacks AS1 Junior Hockey Stick

CCM Super Tacks

Get the ultimate feel to puck with this premium CCM super tacks mini hockey stick. Its composite X-Flow construction and unique open toe blade curve collectively provide more power for playing slap shots. They use special Sigmatex material to maintain its lightweight without compromising on durability and performance. It features a nice mid-kick point to generate maximum power for shooting the puck.

Other Hockey Stick Options

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