In this buying guide, we are going to do a quick review of the Bauer X-LP hockey skate that’s designed to be a player’s first real hockey skates. It comes in a medium volume fit in sizes 1 through 12.

Bauer X-LP Hockey Skate Review

The skate has unique Tuuk LS Pro 2 Holders that feature nearly the exact same specs as the top-of-the-line skates in the NHL minus the quick release trigger system so you’re getting some great durability and longevity.

Now we have stainless steel runners and these are all connected to the 3D one-piece injected molded Poly Carb boot.

There’s a little bit more stiffness than what we see on the XLS skates so it’s going to provide a little better overall longevity a little more energy transfer but more importantly, it’s going to be very comfortable for that player really starting to learn that hockey stride.

We have a big upgrade in the tongue. It’s the 30-ounce two-piece felt tongue that has a very very pro-inspired look to it but more importantly down through the center we have some extra foams. This is ideal for hockey play because pucks sticks tend to hit the top of the foot this is where you need some extra protection and that’s why Bauer included it on this learn-to-play skate.

For the liner, this is a very comfortable microfiber liner soft to the touch and it sits on top of the Anaform ankle pads that are thick and very plush so right out of the box they’re very comfortable and they tend to break in overtime for a more custom personalized fit. It just weighs 754 grams in the size 9.

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