We are going to be taking a quick look at the Bauer supreme S160 hockey stick. It has squared corners and straight sidewalls and this gives you a supreme signature traditional feel in the hands.

bauer supreme s160 stick


This hockey stick features a two-piece design using a carbon fiberglass blend that is very durable so it lasts for a long time but it is still going to give you good responsiveness.

Kick Point

Its shaft uses the mid-kick technology that is ideal for the players who are looking for maximum shot power and really for the guys who like to load up and lean into their stick.

Hockey Blade

Now getting in the blade of Bauer supreme S160 stick, this is where we see a PU blade core with their new basket-weave carbon fiber. This is a great feature to see at this price point because having this carbon exposed down into the bottom really helps to push the balance point up the stick.

It gives you a well-balanced feel in the hands but it also offers good responsiveness and liveliness out of your blade core as well.

Overall Value

We definitely like this update in the Supreme line. It has a little more flash or pops to it without going over the top. This is the entry-level price point so you can’t expect this to be the lightest or also the best balance. It weighs around 540 grams in that senior version which is still pretty good at the price.

Also, you are still getting that arrow foam one-blade core with the basket-weave carbon. Therefore, if you are looking for a really durable stick and you don’t have to break the bank and you want some good shot power out of it as well, we think you will be pretty impressed with this hockey stick.

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