We are going to do a review of the new CCM Super Tacks 9380 hockey stick. Starting off with shaft dimensions, these are nice and traditional, offering maximum control with squared corners and straight sidewalls.CCM Super Tacks 9380 Stick Review - BestHockeyProducts

CCM Super Tacks 9380 Stick Review


This stick has a fused two-piece design utilizing a carbon-fiber blend to provide a great balance of overall performance and cost since this is a jump up from that opening price point.

Kick Point

For the kick point itself, this is the most powerful stick line from CCM so it is really geared for players who like to take a little extra time to load up on their shot to get maximum shot power because it does have that super-powerful mid-kick point.


This is the part where we see their ascent two-blade being so stiff, which is key for that powerful shooting because it prevents the blade from twisting and torquing; that’s when you lose accuracy. It’s also nice and lightweight while providing a really good feel for the puck too.

C6 Carbon Fiber

It has C6 carbon fiber down below and this is key because it helps to remove weight from the bottom portion of the blade, giving you a better-balanced feel in the hands. It does have that textured pro-style finish on the blade as well.


The stick weighs about 450 grams. It feels a little bit lighter because they were able to reduce some of the weight in the senior 85 flex version so we can see a noticeable improvement in overall feel and balance compared to their previous CCM 9360 ice hockey stick.


They really do like the new kind of aggressive modern spin that they’re going for this year with the camouflage down the center and that bright electric yellow instead of a more traditional bland yellow.


If you are a recreational or casual player but want a little extra overall performance and playability, the CCM Super Tacks 9380 hockey stick is definitely going to be a big upgrade and definitely worth jumping up.

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