In this guide, we are going to give you 3 universal tips to play better defense hockey shots on the ice rink.  Let’s get right into it. So these tips are universal. No matter what position you play or where you find yourself on the ice, they should always help you play better defense shots. Best hockey agility training workout drills.

3 Best Tips to Play Better Defense Hockey Shots on Ice Rink

1. Staying Between Player with Puck and Net

The first one is to stay between the guy with the puck and the net. No matter what, you are always in a good defensive position.  So let’s suppose player A is coming up and trying to make some moves on player B,  then player B will try to make sure that he can stay between player A and the net because it is taking away his chance to make a pass and taking away his chance to make a shot.

2. Watch Chest over Puck

This tip is to watch the chest and not the puck. Too many players get caught staring at their puck, and what the player with the puck is going to do is hold it out there and bait the guy to try to go for it, pull it in there, and he is gone. So as a player, you should watch the chest, not the puck.

3. Hiding Poke Check

This 3rd and last tip is not quite universal, but it really does work, and that is to hide your poke check. When you want to take the puck off of somebody, if you have your hands out there, he can see how much reach you have and he can try to go under your stick or bring the puck around you because he knows that is about as far as you can reach.

If you hold your stick in a bit close to your body, it makes it look like he has more room to move in front of you. When he goes to take the puck into that space, boom, got the poke check and you got him. Alright, those tips should help you play a little bit better defense.

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