We are going to go through three agility drills that you can add to your hockey conditioning workouts that will to translate to faster stop-start speed out in the ice. Check out other guides on hockey training and equipment.

3 Best Agility Training Drills for Hockey Workouts

1. Partner Chase Drill

The partner chase drill is all about reaction and agility. Agility drills are based on predetermined movements but predetermined movement patterns do not happen out on the ice. It is all about reaction agility is your ability to be reactive in a chaotic environment. So with the partner chase drill, let’s suppose as partner A is going to be on the line and a 3 point for instance and partner B is going to be facing him 15 yards in front of him. Speed it the moment, partner B turns around and begins to sprint to his 15-yard line Mark’s. Partner A has to chase him and that is the reaction and agility drill.

2. Lateral Mirror Drill

In this drill, suppose, partner X is the leader and partner Y is the follower. The leader is going to explosively move and any variety of directions while the follower has to react and be agile and completely follow him for the entire duration. One set to typically be 10 to 20 seconds of non-stop action and nobody will want any foot crossover during this only chuckles reactive agility drill.

3. Four Corner Point

In this drill, you are going to have one leader that point to any corner that the follower has to go and touch before returning back to center. A couple of important things to know the follower’s hips always have to be facing the leader no matter where he goes into his pointing and agility running by the time he gets back the leader points to another direction and this is completely random until the end of the set.

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