Alternate Captain In Ice Hockey

What Does “Alternate Captain” Mean in Ice Hockey?

An alternative captain is a member of the squad who assists the captain in his or her duties. When the primary captain is out with an injury or spending time in the penalty box, the alternative captain assumes command of the team. On their jerseys, alternate captains have an “A” sewn into the top left corner of the shirt.

Basic Purpose Of An Alternate Captain?

During a game, if the primary captain is unable to fulfill his or her duties because of illness, injury, or a trip to the penalty box, the alternative captain steps in. It’s the alternative captain’s responsibility to communicate with the officials, relay information from the coach to the team, and act as a role model both on and off the ice.

Are Letters “A” and “C” Printed On Player’s Hockey Jerseys Just Symbolic?

On the jerseys of certain hockey players, the letter “A” stands for “alternate captain.” The primary team captain is identified by the letter “C” on his or her hockey jersey.

Alternate Captains For Different Hockey Teams

If the team already has a captain, the squad may have two alternative captains. The team may have up to three replacement captains if the captain is unable to appear in uniform for a match or if the captain has not been selected. During the season, they may be swapped out.

Real Alternative Captain Examples For Commentary

Boston Bruins alternate captain Johnny Bucyk was the first member of the club to receive the Stanley Cup during the 1970 and 1972 championship seasons.

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