We are gonna briefly review the True wheeled hockey bag. This is 38 inches from end to end offering tons of space for all your hockey gear. Let’s take a look at its main key features to know why every hockey lover must have this excellent hockey bag.

True Wheeled Hockey Bag

True Wheeled Hockey Bag

Key Features:

Starting off on the exterior, this is a 600 denier polyester material so it’s nice and lightweight but still going to offer great durability to wear and tear. You have a ripstop-like polyester on either end cap to improve durability but without sacrificing weight.

This has a screen-printed True logo throughout and a nice little rubberized True logo on the top panel.

On the main compartment, there’s a player id window so you can throw your name and number in there in that slot to separate your bag from your teammates.

Speaking of teams those who want custom embroidery, the outside pocket acts as a pocket but it also is removable so you can actually throw your name and number or your team logo embroidery on there.

On the other side, there is another accessory pocket and this is a great place to store your smaller items like your tape pucks or any other thing that you need.

It has great ventilation with a heavy-duty rubberized window right on top and on the on-side panels so you’re going to get great air ventilation keeping your gear dry in between uses.

On one bottom corner, there is a zippered water bottle slot so if this can store and hold a tall boy style water bottle not the fat boy style. This is a zipper enclosure so when you’re not using it you can zip that up.

The grab handle on each end help roll your bag as well as throw it in and out of the vehicle. Since it’s wheeled, it does have two rubber wheels on the bottom and a telescopic handle on top.

A rubberized support paneling on the backside and then you do have a stick slot in between the centerpiece so you can actually hold two sticks when the bag is being rolled to and from the ring. It’s really nice comfortable way to travel and carry your gear.

Flipping back to the main side, you do have carry straps as well. They’re dual layered so once again for great durability.

Again for storage, let’s start off with the end panel where this beast is actually supported with two rods that are inside the hockey bag so they utilize two Velcro straps or two velcro attachments on the end cap that’s gonna allow this to have support.

Inside you have a helmet slot in the middle and there’s enough room to even store a pair of 15-inch gloves. It’s fleece-lined so it’s not going to scratch or damage your helmet or visor.

Also, there are two skate pockets so you can have plenty of room to store any size hockey skate quite comfortably.

In the main compartment, we have got two heavy-duty zippers with pull tabs you got a True logo lining and base and then you do have one more pocket to throw your keys, cell phone, and, wallet when you’re in-game or practice.

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