The new True AX9 Grip hockey stick features a low-kick profile that allows you to load maximum energy into your shots. This design results in a lightning-quick release. Its unique low-kick design enables players to achieve the highest loading energy.

True AX9 Grip Hockey Stick Review

Its optimized flex pattern allows for precise, accurate stick handling and an increased speed of release. This is one of the lightest sticks on the market, as well as more durable and faster than most. The True AX9 is an excellent choice for any serious hockey player.

FiberShield is made with a high-tech resin system and a nanoparticle-based composite material that makes the shaft and blade equally stiff while keeping the design light.

It’s 39% stronger and weighs just 393 grams. The True hockey stick features BRT+ technology, which creates 25 layers of unidirectional carbon fiber. This creates a stronger, lighter stick with added impact strength and durability.

The DropKick Shaft Taper makes for high-end responsiveness and playability. The Pro-Level VRF, 2-blade core, and Fibershield technology provide effortless energy loading and a balanced feel. This is the new, advanced generation of True’s line. These sticks are also built with a 5% weight reduction.

It features Carbon Tow technology that improves durability and reduces weight throughout the stick. This is the most important feature of a hockey stick, so make sure to buy one that will last for a long time.

Its grip has been designed for power hockey players¬†who need a lightning-quick release. The stick’s ribs are constructed using a technology called braided rib technology. The result is a blade that provides a consistent feel and enhanced durability. With a price tag that is less than $250, the True AX9 is a great value.

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