In this review, we are going to be checking out the Tour Volt KV2 skate the new beast out there on the market. Also, take a look at other great inline hockey skates for recreational and professional players.

Tour Volt Kv2 Skate

Tour Volt KV2 Hockey Skate Review


Starting from below the boot, we have an upgrade in sizes 5 and up because this is where we see the Cyclonium wheel. It offers better durability and grip than the magnum that we do find on the 3 and 4 skate sizes but also on the KV4 hockey skates.

On the senior version, we have 280mm wheels in the rear and then 276mm wheels in the front so this gives you a really nice angle of attack.

It’s a great option for those hockey players who really quick start and quick cuts to keep ahead of their competition and making sure they’re in the rearview mirror.


Inside, these have Bevo 9 bearings which offer a player great glide also some good durability all sitting in the fuse split wheel chassis.


The injected outsole offers some pretty good stiffness for intermediate level of play but as we get into the boot, this is their injected composite bionic boot so really the biggest upgrade from that KV4 into this KV2.

Because it’s such a big jump in stiffness gonna give a hockey player more power through each stride but also over time it’s going to resist breaking down so you don’t have to replace them as quickly.

It’s fully thermo-formable so make sure you bake these at home and then that way you have that nice customized broken-in feel which is only furthered by just how anatomically correct the boot is before you even bake it. So a really good job they have done and then a big improvement from Tour hockey skates in the past.


Continuing with durability, these have anti-abrasion pads where wear and tear typically occur on the outer and inner portion of the boot.

Comfort Level

As far as comfort concerns, we do have some extra plus foam at the collar of the skates. With the stiffness that we find in this KV2, it can tend to want kind of rub against the ankles a little bit so this helps to fight any of that discomfort.

Tendon Guard

There is an adjustable or flexible tendon guard that allows hockey players to get that full stride extension so they can get every ounce of power out of every stride.

Accu-Aire Tongue

We have the Accu-Aire Lightweight Tongue we really like how thick the foam on the inside is because this adds a lot of impact protection from puck slashes and it prevents any lace bite from happening.

Also, we like how thick the felt is, very pro-level look, and feel super comfortable right out of the box so it’s going to help keep you protected too.


Into the liner, we have sensor fit pro liner another big upgrade from what we find in the KV4 roller skates. Obviously, it has got some pretty cool aesthetics to it. It’s very comfortable has a pro-style design that does a great job of wicking away moisture to keep your feet cool dry and locked in all game long.

Ankle Pads

They upgraded the internal ankle pads as these are memory foam pads that help to wrap around the natural shape of the foot again keep you locked in so you’re getting every ounce of power you put into your stride. Extremely comfortable and they mold very well to your feet as you do go ahead and bake them.


Last but not least again we’ve talked about durability a couple of times but at the upper eyelets, this is where wear and tear again usually occurs on the inside of the boot. Therefore, with an investment like this, Tour wanted to make sure that you get a skate that’s built to last a long time and that’s what they did here with this extra reinforcement at the upper eyelets.

Fit Profile

For the fit profile, the entire Volt line is a medium profile fit which fits a vast majority of skaters out there unless they have a super narrow or super wide foot so through the forefoot and the overall volume is a nice standard medium profile.


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