You may face difficulties in finding the right roller skate backpacks as there are so many options available online and offline, and you don’t want to end up with a bag that’s too small or too large. If you have a specific need for a roller skate bag, you should look for a model with several pockets. These pockets are convenient for storing your essentials, such as rollerblades. Moreover, a shoulder strap is important for comfort and security. We have put together the top 5 best backpacks that you can buy for your inline and roller skates.

Best Roller Skate Backpacks

Top Roller Hockey Skate Backpacks

BrandMaterialColorSize (cm)Price
B BaosityPolyesterBlack45x32x18See Price
Flying EagleNylon/PolyesterPink, Blue, White38x20x54See Price
Rollerblade ProPlasticBlack36x19x50See Price
Bont BackpacksMesh/PolyesterYellow, Pink, Red48x35x17See Price
UnknownPolyesterGreen, Red, Black45x32x18See Price

1. B Baosity Roller Inline Skate Backpack

B Baosity Roller Inline Skate Backpack

Whether you’re going on a roller skate tour or out for a day on the town, the B Baosity skate backpack is the best way to store your inline skates and other equipment. These bags are portable and can hold your skates and other items. It has a comfortable, adjustable handle and shoulder straps. Made of sturdy polyester and has a waterproof, breathable inner lining.

2. Flying Eagle Inline Skates Backpack

Flying Eagle Inline Skates Backpack

This backpack is designed to carry your roller skates easily during traveling. It has 5 compartments for storage. One big compartment is for your skates, and the rest are for personal belongings. The bag can also hold your name tag so that you aren’t mistaken for someone else. It’s also fabricated from thick, padded foam, and all materials are eco-friendly.

3. Rollerblade Pro Roller Backpack

Rollerblade Pro Roller Hockey Backpack

A backpack is an important part of a roller skater’s gear and this is the perfect one for catering your skates. It has multiple compartments and padded pockets for small and big-size gear such as protective pads, helmets, clothing, and more. There are two side pockets for holding water bottles. The long adjustable shoulder straps make it easy to transport all your roller hockey equipment hassle-free.

4. Bont Roller Skates Backpack

Bont Roller Skates Backpack

This is an excellent travel option for inline and roller skaters. It’s fully waterproof and has internal pockets for storing your skates. Designed with padded shoulder straps and a chest belt for extra support. The inside is spacious with plenty of pockets for all your skate gear. This is a good option for anyone who frequently goes on long commutes.

5. Unknown Quad & Roller Skates Backpack

Unknown Quad & Roller Skates Backpack

Unlike traditional luggage, this bag is specifically designed to hold roller skates. It’s built to accommodate more than just skates. The roller bag is especially convenient, as it allows you to air out your skates between sessions. Some models even have wheels, which make lugging your bag through airports a breeze. This bag is one of the few that is compliant with most domestic airlines’ regulations.

Choosing The Right Roller Skate Backpack

  • You need to consider the amount of space that you need when selecting a roller skate backpack. The biggest storage compartment should be large enough to accommodate a pair of skates, but you should not be limited to this. Look for a model that has plenty of space for other equipment.
  • Some roller skate bags also include a pocket for water bottles or a laptop. You should also choose a bag that features adjustable straps and a protective plastic panel on the bottom.
  • The most important thing to keep in mind when purchasing a roller skate backpack is the size and material. Ideally, you’ll want one that can hold your skates and other equipment comfortably.
  • A smaller bag won’t have enough room for everything, so you may have to settle for a larger model. You should also look for the material of the roller skate backpack. A high-quality backpack should have waterproof and durable fabric.

Final Words

Concluding our review of the best roller hockey skate backpacks, we will again recommend that you have a bag that’s durable enough to hold your skates in place when taking them on your shoulders. Their design is as important as the skates themselves. If you are a newbie, make sure the roller skate backpack is easy to clean and doesn’t take up too much room. It should have a zipper for easy access. Finally, a backpack is a must-have for roller skaters.


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