best hockey helmetsWhen you go out to play hockey, it is necessary to wear all protective hockey gear. A hockey helmet is one of the major products of hockey protective equipment. As hockey helmets come in different designs and sizes so sometimes, it becomes a little difficult for a hockey player to select the right hockey helmet that fits perfectly on the head. Therefore, we have reviewed some of the top brand’s hockey helmets. Let’s jump into the best hockey helmets review 2024;

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Best Hockey Helmets 2024

There are helmets that are not for everyone because some carry a high price tag. But they are good enough to make a place in our list of top 6 best hockey helmets. Check out the brief comparison of hockey helmets in below table;

Helmet ModelWeight (Pounds)SizePrice
Bauer IMS 5.03Small, Medium, LargeSee Price
BAUER 45002X-Small, SmallSee Price
WARRIOR KROWN 3602SmallSee Price
CCM FITLITE FL402X-SmallSee Price
EASTON E2002SmallSee Price

The Collection of Market’s Best Hockey Helmets

</p> <h2><strong>Bauer IMS 5.0 Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Recreational
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Blue, Navy, Red, Pink

The Bauer IMS 5.0 hockey helmet has a traditional two-piece shell design and has tool-free adjustment systems on it. So you can pull up the flaps on both sides which allows you to expand or contract the front to back shape of the helmet. In this way, you will get some customized fit to your head.Bauer hockey helmets

Now for airflow, they use a handful of vents in the IMS 5.0 helmet. But down through the front, center, and back all the way you have two big vents just to make sure that you are getting good airflow keeping your head cool through the game.

The liner is a very traditional dual-density foam liner that has a nice base layer of a little bit harder being foam and then the top foam is going to be a little more of a comfort VM foam. So when you slide this helmet, it is very comfortable, very traditional and perfectly fit.

No doubt, the Bauer IMS 5.0 helmet is the best quality helmet but the price is a bit high.

This Bauer hockey helmet comes in a cage combo that features the 2100 Truvizion cage that has a traditional shape. It also comes with a single density chin cut that is nice and comfortable which keeps you protected while playing hockey.

</p> <h2><strong>Bauer 4500 The Best Quality Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Performance
  • Head Shape: Oval
  • Colors Available: Black, Navy, Red, Blue, White, Royal, Maroon

The Bauer 4500 helmet is one of the most classic distinctive helmets on the market that has been around for quite some time probably one of the most use helmets in the NHL. Starting on the front, this helmet has air vent holes to allow more air to travel into the helmet keeping it a little bit cooler. It uses a standard two-piece shell design that has a single screw adjustment on each side. Once you lose these screws up, you can expand or contract the helmet.helmet

The flaps come up with injected foam underneath as well as the plastic and these are removable. Their liners use a dual-density self X foam. It is a pretty standard material they have been using it for a while now which offers a great traditional fit and protection. The black is the first layer that is going to be the more dense foam and then you have a soft or white foam throughout the helmet offering a little more comfort.

So moving on from there that was the 4500 helmet and they also have the 4500 helmet combo available which uses an exact same helmet with the 4500 cages. It uses what they call a true vision color that is a kind of silver greyish material. This is going to be a neutral color to enhance the visibility on the rink surface as well as having a dual-density floating chin cup. So it is gone for a little more comfort. Bauer also does a nice job offering a nice wide oval design that allows the bars to sit a little bit further apart offering a little bit better vision.

</p> <h2><strong>Warrior Krown 360 Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Intermediate
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Colors Available: Black, White

Like other brand’s hockey helmets, the Warrior Krown 360 hockey helmet also has a polycarbonate shell but the one very unique thing about the Krown 360 helmet is its four-piece outer shell and inner liner system. For the look of it, Warrior did a pretty good job of trying to keep it as slim as possible.Warrior helmet

This is vented on the sides running through the back and through the top and back of the helmet. Therefore, you get some good ventilation helping your head stay cool.

Now moving into the adjustment system, this is where this helmet differs from every other helmet on the market. This really focuses on giving you that true 360-degree fit all the way around your head. So there is only one single dial that is the only adjustment on the helmet.

The liner has three different types of foams for the multiple impacts that your head takes while playing hockey. As you know hockey is a game of high and low impacts so the black foam is the EPP foam that is great for high impact hits. For low impacts that occur a lot during hockey, they use impact molded foam. It is a very dense foam that returns really quickly to its form and they put that in the tender areas of the head in the lower part and in the temple area.

Then for the comfort, Warrior uses a comfort foam pad. This is almost like a gel pad therefore, it is going to be very comfortable while maintaining that great fit and the way this liner system works, it is a four-piece liner system. So during oblique impacts, the liner moves independently from the shell and the shell takes the brunt of the hit reducing the shock on your brain limiting the chance of concussion. The Warrior Krown 360 helmet is also available in a cage combo.

</p> <h2><strong>CCM FitLite FL40 Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Recreational
  • Head Shape: Oval
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Navy

The CCM FitLite 40 hockey helmet serving a two-piece tools adjustable shell and the flips on both sides which allow you to expand or contract the helmet. The CCM logos on both sides are going to be simply stickers so if you do not like that look or if you just want a little cleaner look, you can go ahead and take those off.CCM hockey helmet

This helmet has a lot of air vents down through the front as well as the center and out the back just to make sure that you stay nice and cool during the game and then you are going to have some sealant removable ear covers.

Now into the liner, this is where you will see their multi-density foam liner that has a really nice soft feel to it. It has some nice moisture channels to help wick away the moisture outside of the eyes give it a nice overall high-level protection. So this also comes in an FL 40 cage combo that has round wires in grain color that provide you well on rink vision as well as some cool looks.

In general, as far as the chin cup goes, it is going to be a single density chin cup for some good comfort and protection and it does have a wire guard on the bottom of it as well to give you more enhanced protection all the way around.

</p> <h2><strong>Easton E200 Youth Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Intermediate
  • Head Shape: Oval
  • Colors Available: Black, White

The Eastern E200 hockey helmet has a really nice one-piece polyethylene shell so it is nice lightweight still going to give you that good strength. Another key feature or a good bonus about having one-piece shell is that it gives it a lot of rigidity and stiffness all the way throughout. So in case of big impacts, it is not going to be flexing.Easton helmet

When you look at the front of the E200 helmet, you can see how they aggressively ventilate the front of the helmet. It not only looks great but it gives a player a lot of great airflow and ventilation through the game keeping them cool.

This Easton’s E200 hockey helmet comes up with an amazing cage that provides some great level of protection and vision out of the helmet. There is a base layer for the protection of this helmet. It is a nice thick layer of foam that dissipates the impact energy and enhances the comfort level. This is the reason why it does not have a McFeeture on it. This is just a plug-and-play helmet you throw it on your head and you are ready to go even if you are growing a little bit out there too.

Now looking at the chin cup, there is a single density chin cup that has a really nice soft touch to it. Therefore, it is going to be comfortable what’s on the chin but it is also going to be nice and protective during the game too.

</p> <h2><strong>Warrior Krown LTE Hockey Helmet</strong></h2> <p>
  • Play Level: Intermediate
  • Head Shape: Round
  • Colors Available: Black, White, Gold, Maroon, Navy, Red, Forest Green, Royal

This is another Warrior’s one of the best hockey helmets so getting into its ventilation, they use a handful of different strategically placed air vents down through the front up through the sides and then through the back as well to make sure all that hot air escapes out of the back of the helmet.Warrior hockey helmet

As far as the shell construction goes, this is a four-piece system that is a lot different than most helmets on the market. So these have one big front piece, two pieces coming down through the side and then also have the fourth piece. The reason why they do this is for their paramount plate 360-degree fit system.

Basically, it is a single toolless adjustment feature that gives you a nice 360-degree lock so all you got to do to open it up, scroll it in and then entire helmet starts to open up and now you want to just cinch it down a little bit, you just scroll it back, you will see how it gives you that nice 360-degree fit.

Getting into the liner, Warrior uses EPP foam in Krown LTE hockey helmets. It is very protective and also very lightweight, therefore, you are getting the best helmet and then for that awesome level of comfort, they include some thick pads all the way throughout the helmet of gel-like memory foam. So when it sits on your head, it gives you a gel-like feel and it is extremely comfortable. If you really look deep down inside, you can also see there how they perforate the foams just again to work with those air vents and to give you a great level of comfort.

The Warrior Krown helmet is also available in a cage combination. Now the cage combo comes with the Krown LTE cage and stainless steel wires that has a great look to it and also for protection and comfort. It has a nice multi-density floating chin cup as well.

How to Choose the Right Hockey Helmet?

selecting a hockey helmetMostly, hockey helmets come with manufacturer’s helmet sizing guidelines so it becomes easy to select the right hockey helmet as per the head circumferences. For general understanding, have a look at the general hockey helmet sizing chart given below;

hockey helmets sizing chart

Final Verdict

We hope our list of above-reviewed hockey helmets will make it easier for you to select the best hockey helmets as per your preferences. So if you still have questions or concerns regarding hockey helmets, shoot us an email or write us down in the comment section below. We will be more than happy to help you out.


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