In this post, we are going to review the Sherwood TrueTouch T90 hockey stick. This has been so popular for so long because of its some high-performance features and durability being available at a very reasonable price.

Sherwood TrueTouch T90 Stick

Features: Sherwood TrueTouch T90 hockey stick

They use some higher-end materials such as 12 K carbon material throughout the stick and also just from the number of layers to the wider hosel feature which keeps the blade nice and stiff preventing it from twisting while playing those big shots. You will have complete peace of mind after buying it’s gonna stand up game after game.

The Players who prefer more of a traditional build from the shaft geometry to also the kick points to load up the stick generate some max power, this Sherwood hockey stick is gonna do well for them.

As far as a blade concerns, it features VRF2 technology. It’s a high-density foam with a carbon bridge that really prevents premature breakdown. So you’re gonna get that nice pop for a prolonged period.

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